Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Follow Me Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

Follow Me/ Demi-Pro Bike

Wow, I am wicked frickin' spent. Just got back from the Follow Me premiere party at the Middlesex. The thing was a resounding success. Bob and everyone else involved did a killer job setting it up, and judging by the capacity or bigger crowd, they must have raised a metric buttload of money for NEMBA. And more money for NEMBA means more trail access for anyone who rides a mountain bike. This is a huge, good thing.

I've gotta be up at 5AM to work and event for The Shop, so I am really, really glad that Randy Jacobs alerted me to the fact that Colt from cyclingdirt posted the goofy Demi-Pro Bike interview he did with me after the Glocester Grind because that is what is going to serve as content here today. Well, not here, more like HERE.

I know I normally only make you go traipsing over to the 29er Crew blog once a week, but this is a special occasion.

So pleased that Colt decided to use the photo of me in my ghetto-basement looking like I just finished dismembering a body, I love that photo. Some day soon I hope to show Colt my basement in person, and I always give my basement tours while wearing the clown suit.


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Mike said...

Yeah, sweet interview. However I am not sure the pink makes me angry, I applaud being fashion forward, and if anything I am lured in.