Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo Cred: Double Hop

EFTA NECS #2 - Weeping Willow -
You're Making Me Cry

Most mornings when you see my post up at 6AM it's because I wrote it the night before and then scheduled it to post then...not this morning. I woke up at 3AM for no reason and wrote a race report for the Weeping Willow. It's a little extra-special.

Oh right, it's over on the 29er Crew Blog.

Double oh right, don't forget, it's the NEMBA "Follow Me" premiere at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge tonight.


kevin said...

you were cooler when you were slow.

Jonny Bold said...

Oh man that fight was off the hinges!!! Don Frye is a Giant Killer! I had seen that b4 but never with the true sound effects.

Peing toad......pure brilliance!

Sorry about the flat, I know the pain well.

You've got the best blog in New England bar none!!! Keep 'em coming.

Big Bikes said...

Thanks Jonny, that means a lot to me, for real.

I DVR'd some Best of Pride thing the other night and they aired that fight. It looks pretty even, but when they break, Takyama's face is a mess and Freye actually looks pretty good. At one point the announcer goes "That mouse under Takayama's eye has turned into a MOOSE."

Kevin, I'm through being cool.