Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Faux Toes

That's how classy I am — I make coffee at home and then put it in a recycled Dunkin Donuts iced coffee cup. Don't worry, at least it was from my own recycling bin, not the recycling bin of someone else. Oh ya, like my aseptic workshop? Pretty nice huh? Bikes are for riding, not working on. Someone will clean my workshop when I'm dead (from Clean Streak Metal-Prep polluting my iced coffee).

I was stoked to have company for my commute home Thursday. SBZ, VeloCB, and Jane (Jane only exists in real life, not on the internets) all showed up for a Super-Connector ride from Bedford back to Somerville.

CB was rockin' the new HUP "B-Sample" kit. He is a picture of poise and composure on the bike.

Jane slides down the steep embankment at the Sand Pits, narrowly avoiding taking a swim in the cool water three feet to her left. Wouldn't have been a better shot if it actually included the water...three feet to her left?

Sick! We're totally shredding the gnar — er, I mean "honkin' on bo bo" (thanks LPB) on the Minuteman Bike Path

CB at the top of Whipple Hill (a little slice of Maine, but with more broken glass, right here in Arlington, MA).

As soon as we started riding SBZ said "Thom are your shorts on straight?" "Probably, but my ass might not be put on straight." Luckily I had an appointment scheduled with her for a fit/Orthotic-consultation for later that day. But more on that sometime next week.

Monday...first actual race report of the season, oh man, it's gonna be nuts. Watch out now!

Have a nice weekend drinking out of your normal-people coffee cups, and maybe I'll see you at the Grind.


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