Monday, February 01, 2010

Things I'm Thinking
About Talking About

I wasn't able to find the time to put together a proper Harpoon ITT post by my Monday morning deadline. Oh, but it's a-comin'. It won't be coming tomorrow seeing as we're looking at Fat Tuesday Part III. That's sure to be exciting. I have no idea which way I'm going this week, up or down. I had a decent mid-week weigh-in, but once again, there was some weekend cheating going on. I even ate an eighth of a doughnut Saturday. Super-crazy. For the photo shoot I may have to suck in my iliac crests so that Solo won't make fun of me again.

The ITT post should be good in the sense that it was a horrible experience for me. I've realized recently that the readers of Big Bikes, how you say?...Hate me. They like to see bad things happen to me. Whether it's April Fools fabricated bike recalls or falling in poop, you want to see me suffer a maximum. I look at the webby stat stuffs, I know what you're looking at. You're not looking at the posts where I'm all like "I did really well at a race! I love life! Mountain bikes are awesome! I think that song "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon is the best Hootie and The Blowfish song ever!"

On the subject of music that sucks, (this is really for Big Bikes reader "Cha Boy," AKA "My Cousin Sam." Hi Cuz!). My buddy Bryan posted a link to a blog post by Michael Ian Black a few days ago (you could never count on me to find anything this interesting out there in the inner-net), it's way better than anything you're gonna see here today, or any day for that matter. It is, I believe, the best thing said on the subject of musical taste since Duke Ellington said: "If it sounds good, it is good."

An excerpt:

"Or else they’ll say, “I’m really eclectic?” For some reason, this sentence always ends in a question mark. “Eclectic?” And then, without prompting, they’ll tell you all the “eclectic” music they listen to, “I like Frank Sinatra and the Clash,” in a tone that suggests “Can you believe how CRAZY I am???” Douchebag."

Other things I'm thinking of talking about this week.

I've been meaning to do a book review of David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries. It's not the unauthorized sequel to the Basketball Diaries, which I realized about halfway through. Way more talk about bikes, way less talk about heroin...kind of a giveaway.

I also have to talk about SSUSA and the fact that one of my new favorite people in the world, Wheelworks Multi-Sport racer-guy Randall Jacobs is letting me sleep in his car while I'm in Tucson. It's way better than it sounds and it solves all of my logistical-nightmare related concerns.

And you can bet there'll be other stuff to talk about like The Highlander and Toyota Highlanders). Dag, I just wrote nigh on 500 words and I was only talking about what I'm going to talk about this week.

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