Friday, February 19, 2010

SSUSA - Two Crappy Videos of Crazy Crap

Dax Massey Bunny Hops a Fire Pit in Flip Flops from thom parsons on Vimeo.

Dax Massey, the winner of SSUSA (on the bike), hops the fire pit in flip flops.

Jake Kirkpatrick Ride The Flaming Beam of Death at SSUSA 2010 from thom parsons on Vimeo.

Jake Kirkpatrick, SSUSA 2011 host, rides the flaming beam of death.


Anonymous said...

Wow that vid was so exciting=Lame..

Big Bikes said...

Guess you had to be there anonymous.

Then again, glad you weren't.

Fat Chance said...

Nice- I hate the anon posting thing on the inter-web. WEAK. Or as the french may say- "sans le nut sack"