Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fat Tuesday Part III

Height - 5' 10" (I'm not getting any shorter, I don't know if this is working)
Weight - 168 (down 1.5 Lbs.)
BMR - 2733.642 (Down from 2757.78325...wait, is that a good thing, less calories?)
BMI - 24.1 (down from 24.5, but still high-average)
Weight Goal - 157 Lbs. (We may have to re-think that)

Is Matt Fitzgerald's book Racing Weight working? Yes, I think so. At least in the sense that it's making me think more about what I'm doing. I'm the guy who's idea of a diet is cutting out pizza and beer, I'm not that high-tech. Thinking about nutrition and diet at all is a big deal for me. Now I haven't gone out and bought a scale that reads my body fat content via...doing things to my body with electric impulses or something. I might buy it if it delivered a severe electric shock anytime I didn't meet my weight goal. That would be effective.

I also have not paid a visit to my doctor to get an accurate body fat reading. The only time I go to the doctor is when something falls off.

But I am losing weight at what Fitzgerald would consider a healthy and sustainable rate. This is not because I'm counting every damn calorie I put in my body, it's more because I eat like a marmoset some days and then eat like a manatee on others. It all averages out I guess. Thanks to Matty Fitz-G (as he has insisted I call him) I hesitate before ordering nachos for dinner at Redbones and opt for the smarter, relatively healthy choice of pulled chicken and broccoli (which doesn't suck). I do think about every food choice I make all day. I'm making less insanely stupid decisions and it seems to be paying off...slowly.

I was going to go off on my "I was a fat kid" rant now, but I realized that I've already kind of done that.

And you guys know that I just put on fourteen pounds this off season so that I could buy this book and run this vastly entertaining human experiment don't you? I'm a method blogger. When Sly Stallone gained a lot of weight for Copland, people confused weight gain with good acting. Hopefully people will do the same in this case and confuse weight gain with good blogging.

Roll Call!

"Blubba Sparxxx!"
"Fat Stevens!"
Blob Roll!"

There's suddenly added motivation to get fit and slim. It's now inside the eight week start of the season window. If I continue to lose roughly one pound per week until then, I'll be pretty good to go. My season opener will be the EFTA King of Burlingame Time Trial March 28th in Rhode Island. It's way too far to go merely for a 30 minute race, but if it can be coupled with a Rob Stine guided tour like last year, it'll be worth it. That and a trip to the nearby Tim Horton's, and it'll be a good deal.

Why are there Tim Horton's in Rhode Island and not in Massachusetts? I have no idea, but it's just plain wrong.

Back to Racing Weight...
Fitzy-G throws out some examples of people who have no problem with maintaining competition weight, people like Michael Phelps. Apparently between his two Olympic trips he added 5 hours of weight training per week and put on 14 pounds of muscle (that's what my 14 pounds was too — muscle). He also changed his nutrition regime, taking in most of his calories during late-night munchies-driven missions to 7-Eleven for Doritos and Doublestuff Oreos. Don't get me wrong, I ain't judgin' Phelps, in fact, I think he's awesome. When will the governing bodies of sport make a distinction between performance enhancing and performance inhibiting drugs? The only way pot could possibly be classified as a performance enhancing drug is if "Thinking Robot Chicken is Really, Really Funny" became a sport.

Speaking of Potts, Andy Potts that is. He's a triathlete who says that "In heavy training it's all I can do to keep my weight at 171 or 172 pounds, which is a pound or two below my racing weight." Andy worries about getting too lean, so he ingests a lot of "cheap calories" like gourmet pretzels. It sounds like Andy has big problems. Cry me a river Andy. Oh wait, don't do that your tears may contain precious calories. OK go ahead and cry, although you might have to switch to chocolate covered "gourmet pretzels." Hey Andy, screw you, I'm going to go have seconds of broccoli and tofu now, so suck it!

Can't you see I'm serious?


solobreak said...

Try shaving a "157" into that rug.

the original big ring said...

fuggggg . . . I'm so sick of this weight thing - no offense. Sick of my own obsessing. Stuck at 202lbs. Terrible. Two seasons ago I was at 186lbs (slim for me). Bulking up lifting weights over the past few months certainly have not helped, however I'll take the added muscle if it helps me throw around Johnny Fuck Sticks while at work.
I wake at night with a salivating mouth thinking about what I can eat not even having smoked a doobie. I have a very difficult time controlling my cravings. Crypes.

Winded comment - apologies. You look like a stick man compared to me. I had a Tim's large coffee last night while at work - one sugar, one cream . . . at least I am cutting down on the double doubles.


Anonymous said...

you should go to the dr. once a year. bad stuff can still happen to healthy people

CB2 said...

Out of curiosity, if you could only use one of those 20 gears at KoBG, which would it be?

megA said...

I'm not impressed with your fat rolls. Not. At. All. You'll have to do better to get fat empathy from me, sorry.