Thursday, February 18, 2010

SSUSA Ad Nauseum

I don't even think I'll be out of SSUSA pics by the middle of next week. That's what happens when you forget to turn your Helmet Hero cam off and take 999 photos (mostly of your hands and the ground).

Sometimes I felt like we were riding on the moon. I had the same sensation in Durango. This type of terrain is entirely alien to me.

Me and Keith: "is this thing on?"

Tracks...sweet, I'm not completely lost.

There were all sorts of users out on those trails, from dudes driving real live versions of an eight-year-old boy's automotive wet dreams, to ATV peoples, and guys firing off guns that sounded like howitzers at targets in the shape of deer. I wonder if after they kill the male deer (I think it's called a "John Deer") with these cannons, if they then go burn the deer village to the ground for good measure. They must really hate those deer.

Side note: I was heading out to school this AM and I saw a guy with hunting stickers plastered all over his 4 X 2 pick up, "GUNS DON'T KILL DEER - I DO!" one of them said. kill the deer...with a gun. Unless he's a new breed of hunter who tackles animals and kills them barehanded. Now that would be totally bad ass. I would hunt if I could hunt like that. But I'd probably only hunt guinea pigs and de-clawed elderly cats.

Don't get me wrong, I think there's a deer population issue, and I'm pro-hunting, but not really pro-shooting-things-with-machine-guns-and-hanging-heads-on-my-wall-hunting. There I go, probably pissing off the entire state of Wyoming again.


dicky said...

You're going to lose your reader in Wyoming if you're not careful.

philthy said...

I think you are losing touch with the common man.......The first step toward elitism.