Wednesday, February 24, 2010

25th Hour Party People

You ever seen that Spike Lee Movie 25th Hour? (It's not his best, but it'll do.) Basically Ed Norton's character is going to prison for seven years. A benevolent DEA agent gives him a 24 hour reprieve to live it up. That's how I felt today, only my prison sentence looked like this:

That's what I call hypothermia weather

So I had to get some riding in on the way home from school today. Had to. Now I'm cooked...but I have FOUR whopping hours in my legs for the week.

If you're looking for something to read (since that ain't happenin' here today), you might check out the latest issue of NEMBA's Singetracks magazine. I did a totally inane little write up outlining some of my idiotic ideas about training in New England winter. The only way to read it, I'm afraid, is to either become a member and get it delivered to your door, or swing by your friendly neighborhood bike shop (at least it's friendly when I'm not there) and pick up a FREE copy off their counter.

In other, not-all-me-being-annoying-all-the-time-news...
my buddy Mo is holding a raffle to help offset her recent trip to Cyclocross Worlds. So I'll leave you to peruse the info on that (below) and see you tomorrow, I hope. (I hope I will get to write something and I hope you will actually come back here again considering today's weak post).

The time is almost up for your chance to win one of three amazing prizes and help Mo Bruno Roy with her trip to Europe, where she represented the United States at two World Cups and the Cyclocross World Championships on Tabor, Czech Republic with three top 25 finishes!

There will be a limited number (250) of raffle tickets available for purchase. Raffle tickets cost $50 each or 5 for $200. The raffle is available only on through March 4, 2010.

Grand prize: Valued at $7500, a COMPLETE CUSTOM Seven Cycles bicycle built with the identical components found on the Mudhoney SLX Mo races.

Here’s what you’ll win:

1st prize: Valued at $1000, Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0. This 65-piece kit has the tools you need for any event, hand picked by the pros! You’ll never buy another tool again.

2nd prize: Valued at $700, a full Thule rack system custom to the winner’s vehicle along with 2 bike trays.

We'll keep you posted on the raffle drawing party TBD.

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rick is! said...

when I saw the article the other day I though, "uh oh, I hope Thom dialed back the crazy for this" and thankfully you did. The real Thom showed through without terrifying the young-ins.