Friday, January 29, 2010

Freakin' Foto Friday

In December drinking horchata
I'd look psychotic in a balaclava
Winter's cold is too much to handle
Pincher crabs that pinch at your sandals

- Vampire Weekend

Long week, swimming has left me shelled. But it's a good kind of tired. I'm tired like a little kid, aching muscles without the aching bones and joints. Swimming gives you that pure beat-down, not like the bike beat-down where you feel satisfied but just totally wrecked and hurt. My body is humming right now, I can barely lift my feet off the floor. It's great.

I can't imagine having a cycling coach like this swimming coach. Someone there at the wall to tell you "if you take too long between sets, I'm gonna put you on the clock!" And, when I slip off the bathroom for a wee, "I saw that, you owe me 200!" I also can't imagine doing such structured, arduous workouts. I mean, I've done intervals on the bike but not like this...not like this. Help me.

The Fiddler Crab Chronicles
My pedaling was less Fiddler Crabbish today, thanks to a session with Ruben Millor of Big Hands Massage Therapy. We sat and talked for a long time about my issues. It was more like talking to a Psychiatrist than a massage therapist. He saw right off the bat that I was sitting crooked in the chair and we went from there. My hips were way off kilter. By the end of the session I was in much better alignment and on today's ride I could really feel the difference. More on that later, gotta go, my face has an appointment with my pillow.

I leave you with photos from last Friday's run out South Natick with M and my sister. The beautiful sunset almost made running worth it. Almost.


SteveS said...

I've got pictures of that same sunset. They don't do it justice.

craig said...

Glad you're following up on the self care. Let me know if you need a number for the needle half of that.

cha boy said...

freaky fotos fucking fantastic. vampire weekend. . . not so much.

solobreak said...

Ruben! There's a name from the archives. He sold me my first mountain bike, a Rockhopper, in the fall of 1986. Harold was away at interbike and Ruben was minding the old store across the street from where IBC is today. I think it was in the Toyota parts place.

Rigidnsingle said...

Thom, your photos are second to none. Warm Az weather awaits you..

SteveS said...

OK, just to be clear, my comment was not meant to be a negative of Mr. P's photos. As good as they are (and his are wayyyyyy better than mine) the real thing was even better. It really was an oh shit, I've got to stop what I'm doing and take a picture of this kind of sunset.

Rigidnsingle said...

Pretty quiet over here.
Things that make you go hmmmm.

Big Bikes said...

MM -

Wha? It's quiet in Tucson? Make some noise!
I roll in Friday night, I'll see you guys at The Surly Wrench around 10:30.


Rigidnsingle said...

I'll be hiding behind a catcus with my bolt cutters. A GFsuperfly would look sweet in my stable...