Monday, January 25, 2010

Trail of Tears is a Weird Name for A Trail System

Hi there. Happy Monday morning. I know you've just gotten to work. Maybe you've gone and grabbed yourself a nice hot cup of coffee. You've already interrupted your boss in mid-sentence to tell him, "Hey Mr. Penis-Breath, I've got some real important stuff I gotta take care of, so why don't you piss off and come back when I give a flying f--k." And then he probably said something like, "When pray tell, do you think that might be?" And you likely replied, "When pray tell? When pray tell? Do you have any idea what a royal douche you sound like when you say things like when pray tell? Well I pray tell that you can come back around when I'm good n' ready-thirty!"

And then you come over here to Big Bikes looking for a some mind-blowing shit. Problem is, the mind-blowing shit isn't here today, it's over HERE on the 29er Crew site.

So go check it out!


Anonymous said...

Tom, this comment is actually more of a question. Is there a decent pedal wrench out there with some offset? I'm baffled why Park or Pedros doesn't come out with one after my many times bashing my knuckles removing a seized pedal on the drivetrain side. Is my only hope heating up and bending their current shop version?

Big Bikes said...

I don't know of a pedal wrench with offset. I'd imagine that you wouldn't be able to apply a whole lot of force with something like that.

I recommend the Park Professional:

It's long-handled and has two positions, so you can generally find a better leverage spot.

Covering the chainring with a rag helps to prevent bash-age. But it's mostly about finding that leverage sweet spot and thinking about where you hand is going to go if you slip.

Sometimes sort of holding the wrench static and applying opposing pressure on the left crank arm is the best move.

Hope that helps.