Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bad Decisions

This won't be one of my typical posts, it'll be more like a tweet, or a facebook status update or even a, a...blog post.

Help me think this through. SSUSA is February 6th in Tuscon, Arizona, I don't have the time or money to go, but I still really, really want to go.

Things I have going for me (which are nice):

  1. It's winter at the bike shop, so getting a weekend off is not a problem.
  2. I have a bunch of Delta dollars I earned by volunteering to get bumped off a flight. They expire soon and this may be my last chance to use them. So my flight will be "free."
  3. That's about it.

Things I don't have going for me (which are NOT nice):

  1. I have been in school and have not really been working, so I am pretty broke.
  2. I will be in school on the Friday preceding and the Monday following so it'll be tight.
  3. The airline ticket might be "free" but taking my bike on the plane will not be (see #1).
  4. I may not even be able to get in (which might actually fall into the "things I have going for me (which are nice) column, because it will save me from myself.
I'm just thinking out loud here. Well maybe not so much thinking as opening my mouth and letting things spill out of my brain onto the floor.

Perhaps (in my imagination) some magazine will offer to buy my EXCLUSIVE SSUSA STORY which will motivate me to pull the trigger and get my ticket to Tuscon.

Oh ya, and can I race SSUSA on gears?




mooradian said...

I think you should go. F-it.

dicky said...

although I am not a people person I do in fact know "people".

Dave Butler said...

Rich and I are going. So there'll be plenty of free beer for ya. I'm good for at least one pizza.$ AND you know Dejay, and Dejay is awesome, so I don't think getting in will be an issue.

ElZo said...

When's your next chance to ride on dry dirt if you don't do it?

When's your next chance to eat a good taco?

zencycle said...

Is taco a euphemism? He just got married, ya know....

I say go, because soon you _really_ won't be able to. Soon you'll be like Big Jonny at DrunkCylist. No more naked chicks on his blog, no more tales of drunken debauchery on weekends punctuated by six hour mtb rides and 24 hour races. Just blog entries waxing forlorn over the bikes left collecting dust in the garage. Schoolbooks, children, work, and household chores demanding every last shred of what you used to call life into an endless morass of bills and responsibility. Do it for you, do it for us, but do it.

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching" - Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

George said...

You should just do it, that way I won't be only one out there blinding everyone with my white pasty New England skintone.

trackrich said...

Get those Crossresults guy(s) to sponsor you... I'm sure t(he)y were working on MTBresults anyways and you can be the poster boy.

Miriam K said...

I think everyone who says you should "do it", should put their money where there mouth is...20 bucks for each "do it".

I agree. You should do it. As a woman willing to practice what I preach, I am going to put 20 bucks in your paypal account. For reals.

Pay up or shut up (I mean that in the nicest of ways).

JD said...

If you have to fly Delta, forget it. Unless you can somehow get a S&S bike to take, or figure out some way to ship it. Delta charges like $150 EACH WAY for a bike..... I'd save the $ and hit singlespeedpalooza in April instead.

David Alden said...

Go to AZ. Use your credit card. Sell blood when you get home. Trust me, I'm a medical professional.

Anyway, on a side note, I see you just got back from Costa Rica... Any "must see" things there? The wife and I are heading there in late Feb, staying primarily in the Arenal volcano region, and we ARE bringing bikes (excuse me while I say nanny-nanny-boo-boo). Anyway, any tips would be appreciated.


zencycle said...

If you register and get in, I'll pony up my $20/"do it". (does that one count?)

Rigidnsingle said...

I'll be there. James will be there. You should be there. One of us needs to show those southwestern roadies what SS is all about....

Contact me If you need some where to ship your bike to....Or when you get out there for some "training" I'll be there from the 28th to the 13th...