Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Preview/Big Bikes Top Six

A while back I asked "my audience" for suggestions for a Big Bikes top ten best of list...I got three responses. It was awesome. I've got them Google Analytics on this bad mammer jammer, I know how many people are out there reading this crap every day. If I was a professor looking out at a lecture hall and I asked the class a question and out of ALL THOSE PEOPLE, only three raised their hands, I would be pissed. I would probably proceed to call on every single one of those MANY, MANY people (OK, it's not that many, not even a third, or maybe even a quarter of what some dudes get), it could take hours, days even.

Imagine Cyrus, from this famous scene in The Warriors, yelling "CAN YOU DIG IT?" At the huge crowd of costumed gang members, only to have three respond, "um, yes, I guess we can dig it." The guy next to one of those three people was going, "I'm not really comfortable affirming that I can dig 'it,' when I'm not exactly sure what 'it' is." That would have been an entirely different scene, and that movie probably would have gone on to suck it big time.

So I took it upon myself to come up with a list, but on top of the three suggestions I could only come up with three posts that I thought stood above the fray, and the drivel, and the pointless babblings. They're over there on the sidebar now, all six of them. I would like to increase that list to a "Top Eleven" list at some point. Now, lets' try this again class, or gang members, or un-trainable Capuchin monkeys (wait, when did you guys get here?) , CAN YOU DIG IT?

In other completely unimportant news, this weekend is The Canton Cup cyclocross race. I'll be down there all day, working for The Shop, and then racing maybe the masters race or maybe the Elite race, I'm not sure which. I might be wearing a costume. I'll definitely be crashing on the hoppable barriers while trying to maintain my Pro mountain biker street-cred.

Sunday I'm taking part in some god-awful massive group ride from Andover to Hamilton. This same ride took the participants nine hours and nine minutes last year. I'm kind of terrified, but it'll give us something to talk about Monday...besides socks.


CB2 said...

I'll nominate "where do they go?" based on it's overwhelming popularity and convenient location.

WillC said...

Would you ask a parent to choose his favorite child? Maybe if the parent only had one child. Maybe if you had only ten posts this would be an easy request. Your abundant (and reliable) production renders this an impossible task.

PS - it's killing me that I can't make the Sunday gig. Damn you, work and parenting.

Michael said...

Hey Thom- Would you care to share the details on Sundays ride? Sounds intriguing.


Anonymous said...

Woot! I raised my hand in class when you asked a while ago.

Go me! said...

Super-Secret Domestique is already on the list, but that would get my vote. I love the pic of Johnson as a rat!
hope all is well with you