Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Freedom of Choice

The blog fodder is meager these days. Well, maybe it isn't really but I've gone from having the big, obvious, overwhelming blog fodder of SSWCs and The VT50 to almost nothing. I've got my now reduced, twenty minute commute (I moved to the Boston shop) and not a whole lot of riding outside of that. That will change soon, very soon with the North East Kingdom weekend coming up and thereafter with the many group rides I plan on going on. Oh ya, and Cross...gonna do some Cross I guess.

Couldn't quite pull the trigger on the bike purchase today, on the fence between a 2010 Trek XO2 and a 2009 Gary Fisher Presidio . Before folks jump in with the suggestions for other stuff I could ride, let me say this -- I ride for International Bikes. As things stand they are a Trek/Fisher dealer primarily so I ride what they sell. Somehow this element of sponsorship is lost on some, but I won't get into that. I do have access to Ridley, Pinarello, and Colnago. Although I'd love a Prestige with a carbon shoulder pad for portaging, I really don't see it as a viable option. And Ridley...hey QBP, what the crap? I'd love a Ridley, but I can't get one at the moment, and I do need a bike at this very moment. The plan is to hit the MRC Wrentham race on the 18th. That's soon.

The Presidio is cheap. It is steel, which means that it will make a comfortable trainer/commuter after it has briefly served its purpose as a race bike. Of course it is heavy relative to its aluminum brethren. I'm not a serious Cyclocross racer so what I care?

The XO2 is a pretty good deal for what it is, a serious, lightweight, well-specced, stiff-ass racer. Can't really, really justify the purchase though.

Then again, with the money I save with the Presidio purchase I can afford a set of Tubulars. No! No tubulars...must...not...get....serious...about...CROSS!

And now to answer some questions and respond to comments from yesterday, excellent blog filler for when there's lack of proper fodder.

RMM, thanks for the welcome. If I can ever get in front of you I will chop your wheel like TJ on JP. Watch out.

Rick, I did two full seasons on a SSCX, just way too frustrating to be any fun after a while. Not like mountain biking at all. Only slightly less horrible than entering a road race on a single speed.

Colin, Cross was a given, I need new dumb ideas, like racing over hot coals with ferrets in my bibs.

Solo, 2010 Presidios aren't here yet, I wish I could get one. They've got a sliding rear drop out which allows you to easily run single speed. Nice of them to make a bike with just me in mind, if they were available it would be even better. I can get you a sweet deal on an '09!

Sam, what up cuz? Nope, flying to NC, in and out. Too bad, I'd love to go out for some beers with you and Nancy P..

Endless, my sentiments exactly. Once you run a Kick Ass Cog, you ain't gonna ride anything else.

MKR, I know, it would be sweet to be able to do both, maybe run a costumed SS race later in the day as entertainment...let them out at the tail end of the elite race so they overtake stragglers and lapped riders who didn't get off course. Sick! We'll see about the Weasels, we'll see.

Zen, I thought about doing that thing, if they do it again I'll put it on the calendar a little sooner.

Cary, ahem...I have a big fat 2 on my license, guess I got it for being a Semi-Pro on the mountain bike, I sure as hell didn't ask for it. 3's ain't even an option, but I am old, so I can do that Master's 35s...and the Elites...or the Elites. I don't know if I'll show up at any Verge races, if I do, I have the UCI license for it. That'll be awesome. I'll have everyone and their paraplegic grandmother going "Hey, see that fat, old guy with the $900, 23 Lb. bike? He's a Pro mountain biker, and I BEAT him, fuck yeah!"

See you out there.

Oh, and still no camera, therefore, Alan Parsons not Thom Parsons. Shut up, he's my dad. You make fun of "Eye in The Sky", I'll put a "Foot in Your Ass."



Colin R said...

If you have bike supply problems, I definitely have a 54cm Ridley you could use at MRC.

33rd Degree Bison said...

Thooom! Don't blaspheme QBP or they'll pull our line of credit! They're watching....always....watching. Also, thanks for coming to Boston, we like you.

Booksy said...

"but I'm not a cross racer..."

which begs the question, why the hell not?

RMM said...

I like to have my wheel chopped, it makes me feel like a contender.