Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Not So Out Of Tune...Yet

The Thing: Fells MTB Loop TT
Bike: Superfly SS
Gear: 33 X 17
Tires: Bontrager Mud Xs )left on from the weekend) @ 28 Psi
Conditions: mostly dry
Temperature: 64°
Time: 28:15 (I think that's tied for my, as they say, "P.R.")

Like I said yesterday (which for me was earlier today...which seems weird, even with my demented concept of time), I went out to do a little off-road TT action. It went well, but the faster than normal time does not bespeak a faster than normal me. The conditions were right and I had an abnormally small mount of difficulties relating to bobbles or bizarre technical problems which only occur during these private morning Fartlek sessions.

I do feel fatter than normal, but it doesn't seem to be slowing me down too, too much. I just keep finding incredibly valid excuses to overeat. Or it could just relate to my ongoing depression spurred by the death of Patrick Swayze.

Before I could embark on my morning moron's errand, I had to replace my brake pads which were destroyed during Sunday's frozen hell-fest (and yes, I will keep linking back to that post seeing as it's the only semi-substantial thing I've written all week). I hardly wear through pads during horribly muddy mountain bike races, I have no idea why a silly, little 'Cross race puts such a mean hurtin' on a bike. I hardly even used the damn things!

When I got to the start of the loop (which I get to by riding a bunch of really cool singletrack, for those of you that think I'm some automaton, just going out and mindlessly training on the same stupid loop all the time) I realized I was slightly over dressed. In a symbolic act, I ditched my leg warmers, entirely conscious that this may be the last time the sun hits my legs until next season (or until M and I are on that beach in Cost Rica in December).

Not sure what it is about The Race of Truthiness that I love so much, but there's something there. If I could put my finger on it, I'd pin it down, pull off its wings, and eat it for the price of a nice, shiny quarter.

Oops, I lost me.


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