Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something Wicked (Ride of The East)
This Way Comes (This Weekend)

 For those of you not doing the Verge races (or something equally as dumb), this weekend, you've got no excuse for not getting out to NEMBA's Wicked Ride of The East up at Harold Parker. I did this ride last year, it was SWEET! NEMBA marks out about 25 miles of some of the awesomest singletrack (those are both real words) on the planet, all you have to do is pay $10 (if your NEMBA member, $15 if you're not) and go ride until your legs fall off. When you get back to the staging area, there'll be food and beverages waiting for you. It's like a race, only the pain part is optional. 

It starts Sunday October 25th at 9AM, for more info go over HERE

That's all for today, heading out to ride the Fisher Ferrous I call "Dunderchee" with Greg "The Leg" up at Willowdale. Haven't been there, but I hear tell it's brilliant. We'll talk more about that maybe tomorrow. 


SteveS said...

You mean Sunday the 25th, right?

Big Bikes said...

Um, yes. of course I do...

GOD! I am crap with writing down dates correctly.

Thanks, good catch.


Cary said...

Bummed I am missing it this year. Stumbling upon it last year, it was insanely awesome. One of the best mtn bike rides I did all year long!