Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Firing 'Er Up

Fells MTB Loop TT

Bike: Superfly SS
Tires: Bontrager XR1 Team 1.9 (front), Jones XR 2.25 (rear) @ 28 PSi
Gear: 33 X 18
Time: 29:30

I used to have a '92 Subaru Legacy, I took it off the road and parked it. Once a week I would go over and start the thing up, just so it wouldn't die completely. After a while I stopped being so diligent about this task, and sure enough, it stopped starting altogether. I put it on Craigslist and a strange Brazilian man came to tow it away. He sang to the car as he put it on the lift, like the Subaru-Whisperer, "Soo-bah-rooo, Soo-bah-Roo." Like I said, strange.

My body has been pretty much taken off the road and parked for the past week or so, yesterday I went and hit the Fells MTB loop for a little fitness check, just wanted to fire up the engine and see if it still worked. Not my most impressive time (I did go off course...damn leaves) and I was running the lowest gear I've ever done it in. I'm making excuses for a training ride, that is awesome. I also considered this my first Cross-specific workout, so specific. I did do some run up practice before the TT, so fun for me. Not really.

November 8th I'm heading down to North Carolina, (or "North Koo-Koo-Looky" as the indigenous people call it) for The Swank 65. I have this very developed and well thought out theory that if I do an endurance ride here and there (or like three of them this weekend in the NEK) and then do a few Cross races, I will be firing on all of the things that are supposed to be firing in car engine metaphor, whatever those things are. I know more about Cat Power than I do Horse Power.



solobreak said...


squeezy said...

2 crazy!

solobreak said...

shit I got it wrong it's 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
now I really know I've three wheels in the boneyard. The end is near.

zencycle said...

Hey dude, you work in a bike shop, right? Could you email me? I need to axe you a question about pahts, shock forks specifically.

funkmasterxx at hotmail.


Bullitt said...

It's "Kakalacky" man.