Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Plans, The Plans

It is done. I've officially booked a flight to North Carolina and registered for The Swank 65 November 8th. I'll be staying long enough to get a few more rides in as well, some in and around Carborro and a few out around Asheville. I went down there for this thing last year, it was a hoot, amazingly enough I did a little write up about it. Imagine that. I'm really looking forward to doing it on a bike with front suspension this year. That alone will improve my enjoyment of the event (and hopefully my finishing time).

Riding up the road to the trail head in The Kingdom, always a mean warm up.

The North East Kingdom write up is forthcoming, got a whole lot of photos to edit, the ones gracing this post are just the icing on the ice berg.

My mom (the guest of honor), my sister (The Natural), Miriam (The Pain Magnet), and me (The President of The Facial Hair Club For Men).

In other exciting news: talks have begun regarding The Ice Weasels Comething...Again. My co-conspirators Colin and Linnea are in. It will likely run concurrently with Nationals once again. More on that as things progress.

All smiles on the way back from the pump-track

And in totally retarded news: I will be making my much anticipated return to the ridiculous sport called "The Cyclocross" this coming Sunday in Wrentham at the awesome MRC race. I will be riding with gears and generally making an ass of myself. Being an oh-so-pro mountain biker, once again I will be expected to hop the GIANT LOG OF DEATH. Which wouldn't be so terrifying if I weren't doing it on a road bike. Or not doing it on a road bike. I have registered for both the Masters 35/45+ race and the Elite race. The scary old men's race at 1PM will serve as a warm up and a harsh, harsh wake up call before the cool kids race at 2PM. At least I'll know the course inside out by the second time I line up. I'll be able to pick my spots: where I'm going to throw up, where I'm going to ride off the course and smash my face in, and where I'm going to ultimately detonate and quit.


When your mom says she wants to go Mountain Biking in The North East Kingdom — you go!


WillC said...

Kingdom looks like it was awesome. Well done. Wish my mom rode bikes. And an interesting move to cross. I thought you'd had enough riding around playgrounds. Get the weasels going. That could be my introduction to the playground.

kevin said...

add me to your list of co-conspirators. ice weasels will happen this year.

CB2 said...

Your nephew is hardcore; singlespeed with only one glove!

Sam Raymond said...
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Sam Raymond said...

i wish tom sneed would make a commitment to spandex.

Alex said...

What are the dates on the ice weasels? I'll help out too if I'm not in Alaska or something.

ElZo said...

Argh. I cancelled plans to go up to the NEK this weekend because the weather looked too iffy.

Looks like I made the wrong choice.

dougyfresh said...

try to hook up with ohio robb while in asheville. and dicky. they'll show you a good time around pisgah. i'm heading back down there for christmas/new years again like last year. love the riding down there.

EndlessBikeCo. said...

And get up with Shanna at EndlessBikeCo. I hear she loves to ride bikes in Pisgah too! Oh yeah, don't forget your costume box!