Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop, Hammer Time

Built up the Fuji Cyclocross Pro today. Quite honestly...ugliest fucking bike I've ever owned. Seriously, I've pulled better looking  globs of gelatinous gook made up human hair and skin out of my shower drain before. 

But it's just a hammer. That's what I tell myself. I'm a carpenter, the bike is my hammer, and you or someone you know might be the nail. Of course I might smash my thumb while trying to hit the nail, in that case the nail beats me. Man, I am way too tired, I am already lost in my own metaphor. I don't see carpenters standing with their hand on their hip, scratching their chin, sizing up hammers for their aesthetic value down at Home Depot. I don't know how I would, I spend as much time at Home Depot as this guy spends at the Old Country Buffet. 

Bike's are not precious to me, they are something to be ground down to a nub and destroyed (or hopefully something to be sold before that happens). 

Not that there's anything wrong with getting a boner when you look at your bike.

But I do think you're some kind of deviated prevert. 

Noah rips the pump-track in The NEK. I loved warming up on the pump-track. After that the whole world is your pump-track. I'll say it again — pump-track!

Then I rode off this thing. Miriam found the "Continuous Mode" on the camera. That setting is going to change my life. 

Noah ate it wicked hard moments before this was taken. We thought he took a handlebar in the eye. It was just sand. He got better. 

It was the wettest I've seen the NEK, but by day three it was just about bone dry, only puddles in the lowest areas. Check out M's game face. Grr—Bring the pain!


zencycle said...

At a job many years ago, my boss said "wow, you really love that bike, huh?"

I replied - "if my bike had a pussy, I would fuck it"

He was not amused.

Anonymous said...

Are those "CRITTERS" stuck on you?