Thursday, October 08, 2009

Oh No You Did Not

Yes I did, I went ahead and ordered a Fuji Cross Pro. IBC is technically a Fuji dealer. Technically. I was about to drop an order for a Presidio, when Mark "The Shark" walked in, grabbed my mouse-hand, and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. "For a whole bike?" "Yes, whole bike, with Ultegra." "So a frame with an Ultegra front derailleur on it, no other parts?" "No numb nuts, a whole frickin' bike, ready to ride." "What you're saying is that, for that paltry sum I receive a photograph of a bike...will you at least sign it for me?" "Look kid, I am going to punch you right in the face..." "OK, sold!"
And that's how it went down. Of course I'll probably still get a 2010 Presidio when they come out in January or whenever, I just need a bike to ride NOW.
Converting The Ferrous I call Dunderchee to a geared bike today. Basically turning it into my circa 1998 Independent; a 30+ Lb hard tail with big tires, super-upright position, and a "long-travel" fork (100mm). The Remedy may be on the market soon, cut backs are being made.

Wow, with these little staccato-burst like posts...I feel like a real blogger. Anyone got some free time they wanna sell me cheap?


solobreak said...

I think God just killed a puppy.

philthy said...

long travel?! 100mm!! what is this, 1996?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!