Friday, October 09, 2009

Anarchy in The NEK

This is just sad, I'm now recycling my own photos. Like scouring the inner-nets for photos of people or places named "Parsons" is so much less sad. My Mac is dead, won't power up, I think it relates to the actual power jack, but I've heard this can mean a new motherboard. I have no idea what I'm talking about. I am now working on this little gateway notepad thing, it kind of sucks. PCs kind of suck. They're always wanting to update things, it's annoying with all the things popping up all the time. On my old Mac I could defer that stuff indefinitely. Until one day it said "update this shit now, or I swear to god that I am going to stop working tomorrow, try me." And look what happened.

I don't have a point.

I still don't have a camera either, but since I am now married, I will be using "our camera" this weekend in The North East Kingdom. So ya, no post on Monday, I am taking a blog-i-day. I just love Christopher Columbus so much, he was such a swell guy, always out there discovering crap and exploring for the good of mankind. I'll be up in Vermont surrounded by Canadians, riding around with my family, thinking about Columbus. Maybe I'll think about the fact that we should probably just quietly (OK this is pissing me off, speaking of PC lameness, I can't figure out how to move that beautiful photo of Peter Falk down here where it belongs...control C/control V, move! Control C/control V, fuckin' move! Oh fuck it, Peter, you're staying up there) change the holiday to "Columbo Day." Everyone loves fumbling, disheveled detectives with lazy eyes, only a few people really like genocidal, slave trading colonizers.
Tuesday...late in the day post about The Kingdom.


Bullitt said...

Luke S said...

I've been having issues with my Mac power cord as well. I have to jiggle the plug just right to get it to connect. I end up doing this frequently, unless I firmly tape the plug to the wall, which greatly reduces mobility.

Cathy said...

When you're surrounded by Canadians on Monday, wish them all a Happy Thanksgiving - yes, it is the same as "Yanksgiving", just at a different time!

Have fun!

Uri said...

I think the issue with your Mac is that you don't have the matching SE Lager.

PCs. The majority with reason.

Anonymous said...

PCs kind of suck? how come its your mac that 's not working?

Jeffro Herriachi said...

dude, i have photos you can borrow...let me know

Tal said...

swank? The invite still stands.

jess is talking about it too.

Farlow is harder than last year due to washout.

the original big ring said...

I didn't get down to Kingdom this season - first time in five years. Life is so busy right now - in fact, I didn't even get on my bike this weekend while home visiting the family.
Do Americans even know that we celebrate thanksgiving? We didn't have Pilgrims up here . . . I wish we had John Wayne though - didn't he say Pilgrim alot?
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, eh.