Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh God, I Shouldn't Have Eaten All That Sushi

That's what I was saying to myself half way through the Orchard Assault race. I had gone out to dinner the night before the race, my dish was small, my buddy Greg's dish was huge, I wound up eating my dish and half of his. I did not go home hungry. Of course that didn't stop me from eating the two trays of killer Sushi Miriam brought home from her dinner. It's Sushi...you can't not eat it. It's the law. I went to bed sickly full, but so happy.

As I watched Ringquist float up that hill like a ghost, like a Ninja, like the ghost of a Ninja, I felt all that Sushi weighing me down, a big anchor made of rice. A delicious anchor. The climbing at that race was no joke. They said it was something like 600 feet per 3 mile lap. We did six laps, that adds up quick. It rivals some ski area races like Mt. Snow or Windham. It felt like it. Being the dumb ass that I am, I ran a 52"ish gear . A 34 X 19, not the 32 X 22 that I've run at Windham and Mt. Snow. Considering that I'm stoked I was able to ride all but a couple small sections.

I'd love to stay and chat at you but I have an appointment with my pillow. I am about to lose my freakin' mind.

For example, the following is something I may or may not have said aloud today at work:

Crazy lady (who had been tormenting me for over an hour about saddles and blinky lights. She even told me "The Flat Story" ) - "So is there some way I can give this old saddle to some poor children or something?"
Me - "Only if you hate poor children and want to torture them"

And this is something I may or may not have said to a Mercedes AMG driver who almost killed me on my commute home:

"Hey, you know what's better than having a hopped up Mercedes?
Having a functioning penis".

I'll be nicer tomorrow. I swear.

Oh wait, I should probably tell you something about the above photo, or maybe my new thing will be posting a photo which appears to be entirely unrelated to the text, then explaining myself the next day...while posting another non sequitur of a photo. I shaved my head (For Battle!) before the Orchard Assaulting race. I was glad, I felt so much cooler on that muggy day, although the weight loss achieved by the removal of all that hair did not offset the mountain of undigested raw fish churning in my belly.

Also, notice the weird blur in the center of the lens in the last photo in the sequence. That would be the massive divot caused by me knocking the camera off the shelf during the vacuuming up process. So sad that The Helmet Hero's waterproof housing, like Elvis, met its demise in a bathroom incident. The camera itself is fine.


zencycle said...

I don't know if this is a good thing, but with no hair you remind of michael balzary, with better teeth...


the original big ring said...

but you didn't have hair in yesterday's post - your hair grows fast.

i've got to get my lid down for warm weather riding . . . if there was only warm weather riding to be had.

rick is! said...

agreed on the sushi thing. I can not, ever, leave any sushi uneaten. doesn't happen.

rick is! said...

I haven't even shaved my legs yet and you're already onto your head. I've got mucho catching up to do.

philthy said...

i don't want to see pics of you shaving your back!!!!!!!! blah blah blah nitwit!!!!!!!!!