Friday, May 01, 2009

Filing For Another Extension

A couple weeks ago I added up the time I spend working, the time I spend riding, the time I spend doing obligatory type things, and the time I spend writing. It didn't really add up. Basically the writing time comes out of the sleeping time, which wasn't happening anyway. I did sleep last night, 9 1/2 hours...and I still have this sensation that my face is a size too small for my skull and when I blink it feels like a wiper on a dry windshield, probably means I need a few more nights of decent sleep. I slept, but I didn't write. I will be putting up a post about our little Harold Parker ride last night later on...hopefully.

Or I might be back Monday.



dicky said...

and that's why you'll never be a successful blogger.

You must prioritize writing over health, training, riding, sleep, and eating. Only then can you beat my old, dead blog.

Actually I think about my missing sleep A LOT. I often wonder how much longer I can keep up this pace forward into the future. 2010??? 2020??? Tomorrow???

Big Bikes said...

Thank you Obi Wan Ke-Dicky.

I may be well on my way, I actually breath a sigh of relief when I make it to Friday and dont' HAVE to blog that night. The "work week" is over.

I think the fact that my idea of a good time these days is sitting with my feet up on the couch writing might be helping the racing.

I'd need a desk job to compete with your dead blog though. Don't know how you do it man.