Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another One of Those Nights

Late to bed, early to rise.
Lead the Cutler ride. It was awesome tonight, good, fast group, even had a blast from the past celebrity appearance I'll babble on about sometime later. Props to IBC MTB team guy Harry for riding down to the shop from Sudbury on his Superfly. At one point during the ride he asked what the quickest way back to the shop was. "Oh is your car there?" "No I rode there from home". "From Sudbury? Jes-us". For those of you who aren't familiar with the area (like all the Big Bikes readers in say, Romania) Sudbury would be a decent road ride from the shop. And props to Colin and Linnea for braving rush hour traffic to make the ride. Personally I'd rather ride a mountain bike on the road for an hour and a half than sit in traffic for ten minutes.

It was a freakin' gorgeous night and I would have gotten some great shots, if, I say if I had not forgotten to put the battery back in my camera. So stupid! "Camera on now! I on now!" Got home at 9:30, got to get back up at 6AM for a Bike Rodeo at a Needham elementary school. Basically yuck it up with the kiddos, check out their bikes, show them how to lube their chains, and put air in the tires until your arms are about to fall off. Nobody gets hog-tied.
Unless they blow a stop sign on the obstacle course of course.

If you're looking for something more substantive to read, go check out my write up of the Bike Friday convoy last week over on the IBC Blog. It's got some silliness in it, don't worry.



jb said...

glad your guy on the superfly made it. i think io gave him (poor) directions on how to get to ibc.

If you see him again, tell him the guy in the hup kit from beacon street is sorry about his poor direction giving ability.

Anonymous said...

greetings from your reader(s) from romania. it's funny you brought that up, I was just sitting here reading and wondering 'geez I wish I knew how far that is' :))

matty o said...

ahhh, the beauty of the kiddos! love that your taking part in the festivities. thanks for the note.
matty o.