Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The International Bicycle Hair Club For Men of Mystery Super Army Soldier Ninja-Jedi-Sardaukar Attack Force Squadron Team

OK, now I can talk about bike club. Now that all three members of International Bike's mountain bike team have their rides. Johan Bruyneel, I am not. I got our clothing and bike orders in so damn late that we only now have kits and bikes. The good news is that the bikes and kits are dope. Colin Reuter and Kevin Sweeney (Sunday's Root 66 Winsted Woods 30-39 Expert winner, who got a flat and still won. I'm calling you out right here buddy, you better register for the Pro/1 race at Coyote Hill) went with Trek Top Fuel 9.8s. Harry Precourt went with the Superfly, a choice I highly approve of.

Not only are these Ninja-Jedi etc. etc dudes wicked fast racers, they are also upstanding citizens of the mountain bike community. Look for them at your next trail day or NEMBA event. In fact, all three of these super heroes will be rocking the new kits at today's Cutler Park ride (5:45 71 Needham St. IBC Newton). These kits will be available to the public, Colin Rooter autographed editions are extra.


todddowns said...

The asymmetrical, black and grey kit makes me think of the Millennium Falcon.

I approve.

Colin R said...!