Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm The Luckiest Guy on The Upper West Side (of Somerville)
Cause I Got Wheels and You Want Go For a Ride

My Girlfriend, er...Fiance has become a pretty avid mountain biker over the past few years. To me it seems like she has progressed quite rapidly, like an evolutionary leap. This isn't really the case. I just don't get to the opportunity to ride with her nearly enough. But she's been spending a whole lot of time riding with some of the fastest Chicks around. She tends to beat herself up over being slow, I have to remind her that she is comparing herself to some great riders. The bar was just was just set really high from the get go.

So when I ride with her I'm like "Holy crap! I can't believe you just rode that" left and right. I'm like an Uncle who doesn't get to see his Niece and Nephew nearly enough, and when he does they seem have made huge developmental leaps (actually I'm just like that). One day they're sitting, smiling in a warm diaper full of poop and the next they're rattling off the Fibonacci sequence.

Not much time to write today, all I really want to say is that I'm stoked to be marrying such an awesome mountain biker.

Does this look sketchy? Because in reality it is way sketchier than it looks.
Wet roots through an off-camber, downhill, switchback corner.

Cleaned it. Yeah!


rick is! said...

love it when the ladies ride.

PVD said...

'Da girls ain't gettin fasta. It's tha dudes dat is gettin slowa.

mooradian said...

Yeah Thom
Just got married in Sedona. Spent a week riding, drinking, eating, and getting married. Highly recommended.
I'm worried though I think she is getting faster then me

jenny said...

i love your woman!