Friday, May 22, 2009

Off To See The Ass Whuppin' Wizard

Guess I screwed up the "Scheduled Post" thing, this was supposed to go up last Friday AM. It'll give you something to read while I try to cobble something together about the Canada UCI race and Coyote Hill.

Heading out to Quebec for the UCI Pro race at Tremblant. On "the way back" we'll be hitting the Root 66 Coyote Hill race in West Fairlee Vermont. Convoluted weekend travel-wise. Rolling up Friday AM with Linnea Koons and Kate Harris. We're meeting Andrew Freye, Nathan Ringquist, John Burns, and Adam Snyder up at house near the resort. We'll all be racing Saturday. I have no idea what I'm getting into here. Hell, I could hardly get through the registration page, it looked like it was 100% in French to me, then I clicked the "Francais" button...and it got even more French. I'm probably registered for the Junior Women's class damnit.

Sunday AM we're all heading back down to Vermont for the Root 66 race. Tom Masterson's race frickin' RULES. Since I'm not writing much worth reading today (this is becoming a habit) you might want to check out the long-ass report I wrote last year. By the time you're done with that it'll be Monday and I'll have this year's report up.

After the race M and I will be heading over to The Whittingham's for the night. Jeff is trying to rope me into an epic on Monday with Harry Precourt but I am planning on being wicked knackered. Don't think I'll be able to turn the cranks over.

OK, this is important, I'm leading our first NEMBA Explorers Kids Ride over at Cutler Park next Saturday, the 30th. For more info go over here. And yes Al, that's my imaginary Nephew in the promo photo.

Time for sleep. I like sleep, it's where I dream of gear ratios.

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