Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coca Cola Bike

A guy walks into a bike store (not necessarily my bike store) and says to the Service Writer
(this joke format will soon eclipse the "Guy walks into a bar" format, it already has here at The Big Bikes Blog) as he opens a catalog on the counter.

"Is this bike good?"
(points to photo of an incredibly horrible and cheap department store style full suspension bike prominently displaying multiple Coca Cola logos)

Service Writer (who may or may not be me) :
"Uh, probably not, why do you ask?"

"They offer it as prize (Russianish accent)...which would you choose - coffee maker, watch, or Coca Cola bike?"

Me like Service Writer:
"The rule is if they are offering a choice between a coffee maker, a watch, and a should probably go with anything but the bike"

"What about this, is this good watch?"

In other Gnus, I tried to ride up some hills today in the interest of training but when I tried to lay it down, you know, lay down the power, my legs made that massive piece of industrial machinery shutting down sound. I guess the weekend's race f-ed me up pretty good. Then I spun to work and thought about how I was going to pull this week out of a any-kind-of-structured -training nose-dive. The Charles River Bike Path was lovely this morning though, despite the birds who decided to poop on The "UD!" (My Derosa. Hey you know anyone that want to buy a really nice 57cm Derosa UD? I'm not kidding, don't worry, I washed the poop off).

And ya, tomorrow, doing that Wednesday ride thing out of the shop. As an added incentive for showing up, we have Demo bikes! 2009 Trek Fuel EX8s and Gary Fisher Paragon 29ers. I hear those 29ers are kinda awesome, maybe you should come over and find out first hand.

An' annuver fing...this coming Saturday, May 16th, NEMBA Cutler Park Trail Care Day 9AM -12 PM, to be followed by a ride (and preceded by bagels and coffee courtesy of your buddies at IBC). Meet at The DCR parking lot sometime before 9.

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