Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Questions and Answers
(And a Contest...shh)

Yesterday I started responding to the questions in my comments section, and thought myself:
"Hey douche bag, you could make a post out of all this crap." So that's what I've done.
Oh, the above photo don't want to know about that. I just made it because I needed something to eclipse the weirdness of the naked nachos photo.

Ah yes, The Contest:

If you can guess the inspiration for the above image, you will WIN a Big Bikes Mix Tape (which is actually a CD). This won't be some MP3 massive file dump with thousands of songs on it, totaling hours of haphazardly selected music. It will be comprised of 90 minutes of well thought out music. Just like we made 'em back in the olden days. Of course the cover will be the above image (or the naked nachos photo, your choice).

Wow, that is a HUGE incentive to twist your brain inside out trying to figure out what the hell is going on in that creepy, creepy picture. But really...I make sick mix tapes, it's the only thing in life, about which, I will actually stand up and say: "Dude, I am wicked good at this shit."

This contest will run as long as it takes to produce a winner, or until I get bored with it like I did Fat Tuesday and stop talking about it. Good luck!

And now...Answers for you!

Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

I gotta couch, and free entry if you feel the need to race Granogue down in delaware...

just sayin'


8:40 AM

Blogger Big Bikes said...

That event occurs while I'm still in school and working weekends; that said,
a theme of this season may be going to races where:

a.) The entry is free


b.) There is a couch for me to crash on

What I'm saying is — anything is possible. Appreciate the offer. I'll be in touch.
Blogger rosey said...

wasn't the darkhorse 40 less than $35 recently? are all these mtb races trying to copy battenkill? more than $1 per mile? it's a far drive for these but to top it off with the high entry fees really stings.

i guess i will stick to $10 outlaw races with all you can drink beer.

10:21 AM

Blogger Big Bikes said...

But The Darkhorse 40 is a race that's actually worth it. They feed you and beer you and make sure you have a good time. It's not like dropping $60 on some Kenda Cup or somethin'. And by all means, keep having outlaws races, hopefully I can make the next one. Delete
Blogger Amanda said...

naked nachos?

i can't seem to get to reading Matt either...

10:57 AM

Blogger Big Bikes said...

damn, I guess Spanish isn't as hard a language to crack as say — Navajo. (I do wonder how you say "nachos" in Navajo.)
Post ride, in a bonk, couldn't wait for dinner, couldn't decide whether to shower or eat first, got halfway to the shower, doubled back for the recovery nachos, and ate them in the bedroom, hunched in a wooden chair...normal.

Blogger David Alden said...

Yo. I'm in the same boat (how appropriate with this weather) in terms of the weight loss, though I suspect I had more to lose. I'm about 20lb down with 10lb to go. I signed up for Wildcat--should be a fun one. The burning question is--gears or no gears?

11:31 AMDelete

Blogger Big Bikes said...

Ya, I'm going on a weather-based training schedule right now. I ride when it's sunny and sit on my ass and eat when it's rainy. I can't say that it's working, but I am more sane than I normally am in late March. There must be a correlation between fat cells and sanity, that's all there is to it. I'll be on gears at Wildcat, good luck with the SS if you decide to go that route.

Blogger Emily said...

this Stoopid 50... will it be fun? or just stoopid? is it like all the good parts of W101 without the fire roads? I'm bummin I'm gonna miss Wilderness this year, maybe I should come up for this one?

1:20 PM

Blogger Big Bikes said...

I hear it's Stoopid fresh! Just like the 101 without the gravel. Everyone I know who went last year liked it a lot. And only some of them used to huff a lot of glue.

Blogger Fat Chance said...

DH40- great race and you should bring the girl. Hopefully we wont have the super strong heat this year.

The picture: one really needs to shed some light for the enquiring minds...

3:37 PM

Blogger Big Bikes said...


Don't know what the girl's plans are. If she's racing mountain bikes this summer, I'll try to convince her to do it...because it's awesome. Mike and those guys put on a good show. The heat, wow, that was rough. I'm packing a coffin sized cooler of ice in the car, so I can dive into it after the race. Oh, and hey...when is the NYCMTB Highbridge Classic race?

Blogger Big Bikes also said (as he wiped a tear of exhaustion from his eye)...

I'm goin' to bed.

Thanks for reading youz guys.



Kim Blodgett said...

Lucian Freud

Big Bikes said...

Yes, the "artistic bed" that I used is a Lucian Freud painting. But, I'm looking for the inspiration for combining ALL the elements in the image.

thanks for playing.


Darkhorse Cycles said...

so, lets just say that your name ended up on the bikereg list all by itself somehow for ss-apoloozza, would you make the drive. you can sleep in a majestic field, and we will have plenty of free beer!!

wgc76 said...

Hmmm...looks to me like you are torn between wanting to be miguel indurain and free willy. Perhaps it's the weight battle. maybe it's that you wish you were a spanish orca. Either that or you've always wanted to see indurain have sex with a whale. Freud might say that. Whatever it is, it's weird and I want it to go away.

rick is! said...

geez, I miss one day and it's one that involved nudity! for shame.

Amanda said...

does rick is! have a netty pot stuck up his nose in that profile pic?

and as for that sick, sick picture? i don't interpret "crazy" well.

I think "nachos" is ubiquitous in all languages.

rick is! said...

sure do. Had meself a sinus infection early winter. Not the most fun in the world but it sure did help.

Big Bikes said...

Alright, I'm going to drop a little hint here, cuz you all and even close! In my mind it was so obvious, I didn't want to give it away. Of course maybe one would have to be in the same sleep-deprived, subsiding on brown-liquid-only-state that I'm in.

Here it is:

Misinterpreted song lyrics

End hint.

Go nuts!


Big Bikes said...

Um, ya, and that would be subsisting, not "subsiding."



Big T said...

here you go with the lyrics:

"oh yeah... a-ha... oh yeah...
I'm sittin' on my couch...
a-ha.. oh yeah....
I'm holding a plush shark between my legs....
a-ha...oh yeah...
I'm naked cuz I just ate my nachos
a-ha....oh yeah... oh yeah.... a-ha".

End of lyrcis.
Well, I tried.
Can I get a mix tape just for trying?

EndlessBikeCo. said...

Weezer "Say it ain't so"? I just really want a mixed cd.

Please take the free entry from Darkhorse Cycles for ss-apoloozza and take me with you!

Big Bikes said...

Big T - Your entirely wrong lyrics made me laugh so hard this morning that, yes, you win a "Mix Tape."

Send your address to:
thomp2000 at gmail dot com

Endless- of course you can have a "Mix Tape." Anything for you Endless Bike-baby.


Fat Chance said...

if you need a place to stay for SS pa looza let me know- I can put you up for the night (girl can come too) and even provide food/feast (not made by me) the night before.

Let me know if you need a place to stay.


Fat Chance said...

Also the Highbridge race is a go this year- we are pushing it back in order to cut some new trails (singletrack). It will be bigger and better than before with more sponsors, more coffins and more crazies that have made this city bike race a classic.

Offer for a place to stay, paid entrance to the race and dinner the night before still stands as well. Hope you will make it down.