Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Like a Jerk
and Out Like a Douche Bag

That's what I have to say about March. When people start saying: "Ah, it's almost over" about winter, in February, I scoff...audible (and they think I'm a prick). March is by far the worst month here in New England. It tends to piss sub-40° rain and damn near break the needle of the suck-o-meter. I hate it. Ya, it's getting to me, it's getting me down, and what's more, it's getting me wet and it's getting me angry. I am being pissed off and pissed on simultaneously.

These photos? They're not from today, or even this week...not even this month. They were in a folder from early February labeled "Jack London." I believe my intention was to compare my wussy commute in the snow to London's story "To Build a Fire." That never happened, I haven't taken any photos this week because I haven't ridden, because it's been deluging non-stop, so I'm posting these as a reminder of a kinder, more clement time...February.

Snow. I'll take snow over this icy liquid falling from the sky. Snow doesn't permeate your clothing and your very soul the way frigid rain does.

And snow makes such a nice crunching/squeaking sound when you ride over it, sort of like riding over hundreds of baby mice.

In the news: The OBR has connected me with a friend who has a spot for The Lumberjack 100. So unless some totally crazy-life-changing-crap happens, I will be hitting that race for the first time this year. Thanks Craig and thanks Angie (your check is in the mail) for the sweet hook up!



velocb said...

March sucks Big Time! You are spot on in your assessment. Its taken me 5 years to figure out cycling in New England and winter is wayyy better for cycling than spring.

Even the mtn biking is easier/better. I have crashed soooo much on my mtn bike since the roots and axe head rocks have emerged from their winter slumber to torture me.

But hey we have Summer to look forward to! Nothing says good times like heat stroke, EEE infested mosquitos and poison ivy! Fall and winter are a bikers friend in the NE.

Great post!

Amanda said...

"And snow makes such a nice crunching/squeaking sound when you ride over it, sort of like riding over hundreds of baby mice."

but funny.

Adrian said...

Seventy degrees in Durham today.

rick is! said...

agreed. the rain finally got me down today too. f it. I'm not ridin.

Alex said...

"...break the needle of the suck-o-meter" has got to be one of your best lines ever.

A. Webster said...

Would send some sunshine and warm temps your way if I could.
It's biking shorts and jersey weather up here in the Great White North today!!

megA said...

I hate March. It steals my soul.



the original big ring said...

sucka. . . wicked (in my boston accent) beauty day here . . we haven't had ANY snow in the entire month of March. Schwing.

glad you will be headed to the Lumberjack.