Thursday, March 25, 2010

If You Can Read This

it means that I didn't wake up while it was still dark out to put up a real post on the 29er Çrew site.

The good news (aside from the fact that you don't have to read 500 + words of nonsensical literary puke this morning) is that we still don't have a winner for the Figure Out What in The Hell Inspired This Photo Montage Contest. (All contest details here.) But, I ask you this...does anyone truly win in a contest where the grand prize is a "Mix Tape" of Thom Parsons rock? Although I do promise it won't be that bad. I was only influenced heavily by the music of just ONE of my famous musician parents...the good one; not the total crap one.

Yes, I was raised by two dads, and yes they were both famous musicians, but our house was divided. My sister and I showed allegiance to my dad, Gram (Parsons that is) while my brothers sided with our other dad...Alan (Parsons of course). Alan-Dad was always whisking my siblings off to England to work on his "project." Ooh, I was sooo jealous. Whatever. I had a great time hanging out with Gram-Dad. Well, let me just say that I had a lot of "freedom" when I was hanging out with Gram-Dad. While he was all hopped up on LSD, off in the desert looking for UFOs I could drink as much soda pop as I wanted and stay up watching Jonny Quest. It was awesome.

So, on the contest...
things we've established:

  • The painting or "artistic bed" for the piece is by painter Lucian Freud. The name "Lucian Freud is not the answer I'm looking for.

  • The head of the figure in none other than famous Spanish cyclist Miguel Indurain. His name, or part of it factors into the answer.

  • Indurain is holding a whale that is known by two common names, one of which is part of the answer.
  • The answer is the title of a song, of which I have ever so slightly misinterpreted the lyrics. (OK, I've just about written backwards on your forehead now.)

What I'm looking for is really the TITLE of the piece, which just so happens to describe it quite accurately. You can do this, I have no doubt about your commitment to Sparkle Motion.


P.S. - Gee, I wonder what the UPS guy left on my porch (for three hours in my not-entirely-un-sketchy neighborhood, after he faked my signature, the dick).


mike d said...


red hot chili peppers!!!

now come to ss-a-polooza!!!!

Big Bikes said...

Ladies and gentlemen...

Congratulations, shall I send your "Mix Tape" to the shop?

You can email me your home address if you like:
thomp2000 at gmail dot com

On the SS-apolooza,you know I want to, but I gotta play it by ear and see how busy I am with school at that point. If I can swing it, I'll be there for sure. Thanks for the offer of a spot too. appreciate it man.


mike d said...


i think you should make a mix tape with the theme being ss-apolooza! i promise i will play it over the pa prior to the awards ceremony!

you can send it to the shop!

hope to see you at ss. consider a spot available.

Big Bikes said...

Done deal.

The only question is,
how much Alan Parsons do you want on the mix?


Darkhorse Cycles said...

alan parsons and gram parsons!!
they ever do a duet? ummm?

EndlessBikeCo. said...

Yeah, so uh Thom, what did the UPS guy leave on your porch?