Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nachos Desnudo

With insomnia riding me like it's the Kentucky Derby, and my name is "Green Monkey," I do believe I will forgo the building up of a landfill of gibberish from which to segue out of to begin the continuation of my Things I'm Thinking of Doing monologue and just get right to it.

If you're nice, I might tell you what's going on in the above photo. If you're not, I'll post the one of me standing up a few seconds after that shot was taken tomorrow.

Where was I, let's see...about to the end of May.

Hold on a second, it is, technically, Fat Tuesday, the day I normally talk about my alleged weight loss, but truthfully, I am just really bored with that premise for a blog post. I've lost about eight pounds since the start. Now that might sound impressive (not as impressive as it would be if I were a...I was going to say Capuchin Monkey, but I have already reached my monkey-reference-quota for the day, so I'll say Tree Shrew) but it's not that impressive really; I just had a lot to work with.

Another reason for the loss of impetus on the talking about my reduction of blimp-idness. Hey, that rhymes...kind of. You'd think I could do a better job of making up rhyming words, like Humpty Hump from The Digital Underground — "I get stoopid, I shoot an arrow like Cupid,
I use a word that don't mean nothin', like looptid."

Now "looptid" rhymes a whole lot better with "stoopid" than "impetus does with "blimp-idness."
Which, oddly enough and as unintentional as it was (I swear) leads me right back into the discussion of my prospective race schedule — but wait! — I was going to explain why a loss of impetus occurred. You see, the thing is...I can't read. I have no time, I read way too much for school, not to mention all the Trek University "Web-in-ars" I have to watch for work, so that I can stay current.

It's like Mark Twain sort of said:

"The man who does not read good books (because he's too "busy" watching The Pacific, Top Gear, and The Colbert Report) has no advantage over the man who can't read them (because he's so burnt out from reading stuff for school, every time he looks at the printed page, his eyes tear up with blood)."

And I'm both of those men.

My point, as obtuse and obfuscated as it might be, is that I haven't had time to read Matt Fitzgerald's book Racing Weight for a couple weeks now. That's all. Maybe I'll get back to it at a later date.

Um, ya and now for that supposed nice, clean lead in to the Things I'm Thinking of Doing discussion.

The Stoopid 50 is something I want to do this year. My back exploded at an inopportune time last season, side-lining me for that one...on the sidelines of the bicycle race, where all the bicycle race bench-warmers are, watching the starters. When will be people realize that bicycle racing, particularly mountain bike racing, sucks much less than most other sports?

Due to the timing (ooh, some folks are not going to like this) I will likely bow out of Singlespeed-a-polooza and make my trip down to Stewart State Forest for The Darkhorse 40 instead.

gave me the heads up about The Wildcat Epic a while back, I do think I will check that out. Back to back 50 milers, not too far from home, out in New York...sounds pretty sweet to me.

Before I go, about the photo...oh! — Would ya look at the time, and the word count, oh my. Looks like I'll have to fill you in on that one tomorrow.



Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

I gotta couch, and free entry if you feel the need to race Granogue down in delaware...

just sayin'


rosey said...

wasn't the darkhorse 40 less than $35 recently? are all these mtb races trying to copy battenkill? more than $1 per mile? it's a far drive for these but to top it off with the high entry fees really stings.

i guess i will stick to $10 outlaw races with all you can drink beer.

Amanda said...

naked nachos?

i can't seem to get to reading Matt either...

David Alden said...

Yo. I'm in the same boat (how appropriate with this weather) in terms of the weight loss, though I suspect I had more to lose. I'm about 20lb down with 10lb to go. I signed up for Wildcat--should be a fun one. The burning question is--gears or no gears?

Emily said...

this Stoopid 50... will it be fun? or just stoopid? is it like all the good parts of W101 without the fire roads? I'm bummin I'm gonna miss Wilderness this year, maybe I should come up for this one?

Fat Chance said...

DH40- great race and you should bring the girl. Hopefully we wont have the super strong heat this year.

The picture: one really needs to shed some light for the enquiring minds...

Big Bikes said...

I was in the process of answering all these wonderful questions, then I realized that I could make a post of it and maybe get more sleep tonight.
Check back tomorrow for thoughts and answers.

Thanks for reading youz guys.