Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday AM

"Twit-Like" Post

What can I say? mid-terms. Reality is sucking the life out this blog.
But, in other, less whiny, I haven't slept for days, I think I'm gonna frickin' lose it news: if you pick up the latest copy of Dirt Rag, you might be in for a little surprise (unless you've really been paying attention, in that case, not so much). And I'm not just talking about how Dicky has really hit his stride with his "Wazupwidis?" column. (As a behind on training and weight loss guy myself, it really spoke to me.)

It's raining again. That means I'll be riding less and writing more this week. Which is either a good thing or a bad thing...depending on how you look at it. Still doing the "Catch-As-Catch-Can Training." I can't say it's really working out. Last week I logged a whopping 6 hours in two days. The weather forecast tells me I'm going to be doing about the same thing this week. I've come to the convenient (and warm and dry) conclusion that riding in the 40° rain is for people who get paid to do it.


Fat Chance said...

who makes the cap?

EndlessBikeCo. said...

I've been staying out of the rain too. Liked the article. Nice work Thom. You continue to make me proud.