Thursday, March 04, 2010

Last night I said Enuff Z' nuff.

With my current schedule the only real opportunity I have to ride is to and from school, which is a minimum of 50 or so minutes each way (so it's not a total joke). Right now M and I are in possession of a borrowed car, this allows me the privilege of being really lazy if I want to be. Recently I've been finding ample excuses as to why I can't ride:

  1. It's raining, and there's no place to change at school
  2. It's raining and my books will get wet
  3. It's not raining and my books weigh 20 Lbs and I don't want to carry them
  4. It's not raining and I stayed up late writing a blog post and watching Raising Arizona for the ninth time and I want to sleep in

What can I say? I hate the rain. But last night I said...I didn't actually say "Enuff Z' nuff," I said it spelled the normal way. I have got to get on my bike, if that means riding to school, sitting around with damp lycra under my clothes, and getting stared at more than I already do, then so be it.

Then there was the issue of the 20 Lbs. of books, well, problem...solved?

Oh god, I'm one of them

Yes this goofy bastard of a rear rack/pack combo got the books off my back, but I think I hate it as much as rain. I whack it when I swing my leg around to get on the bike, I whack it when I go to get off the bike (which almost kills me), it screws up the balance of my machine, and it looks, what's that fancy word...stupid.

I can't stand having a laden bike. I learned that when I was riding across the country. I will ride my bike all day, just not with crazy crap hanging all over it. This is why I have my doubts about whether I'd make a good Beardo-Weirdo-Milk-Crater, or a Bike Packer.

I did ride to school though. Sometimes that's all it takes, just breaking the ice of indolence. I have got a pretty sweet mostly off-road route home. Just Cross-bike stuff, carriage paths and whatnot. There are trails along the way, but they gotta dry out before I'll hit them on the mountain bike. I've become responsible and lazy in my old age, I don't want to rip up the trails and have to clean mud off my bike.



rick is! said...

embrace the commute. embrace the commute.

CB2 said...

What's in the tupperware?

Big Bikes said...

Rick - I love to commute, it's the only way I can justify riding on the road for prolonged periods of time. I just don't like carrying 20 Lbs. of books or sitting around in damp lycra all day.

CB2 - Home-made egg & cheese with spinach on a sesame bagel. Gotta have something to look forward to at the end of the ride.


rick is! said...

get yerself an ergon pack and smile all the way to the bank. 20 lbs of books and 2 lbs of clothes will no longer feel like 22 lbs. 18 lbs, maybe, but 22 lbs, no.