Friday, June 12, 2009

Redirection Bookend

I started off the week redirecting you to the 29er Crew Site and I will now end the week redirecting you to the IBC blog, to check out a little how to video I made on log hopping. I am currently submitting material to no less than four blogs (don't worry, I won't be redirecting you to our wedding blog any time soon) so once in a while I must employ the tactic I am using today.

Making videos is probably the worst use of my computer time. No one watches those things. This one is different though, it has a voice over. When I met Georges of Mega Bottle Ride at The Singlespeed-A-Palooza a few weeks ago, he was taken aback by my, according to him, very adult, almost professorial voice which didn't sync up with all the goofy stuff I say over here on The Big Bikes. I don't know if that's the voice that comes across in the video, I seem to sound oddly western. It definitely isn't an intentional affect. Maybe next time I'll do the voice over as Christopher Walken or Phil Hartman doing Charleton Heston.

Oh, I am pulling the plug on The Stoopid 50. My back is Stoopid F-ed up. I'm on muscle relaxants and I can't even get on my bike to ride to work. I've got two weeks of physical therapy to look forward to and then an attempt to restart my season. I'm wicked psyched. You should be psyched to, you get to look forward to a Monday morning post about nothing.



Colin R said...

I enjoyed that, but I already (allegedly) know what I'm doing. If your audience is novice bikers you probably need to slow it down a bit, so they don't end up feeling like my Mom does when I help her with the computer.

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...
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James said...

Sorry you're hurting. I'm sure a good rest will do you good in the long run. I guess this means you wont be at Putney?

rick is! said...

you sound more southern than western to me. sounding southern makes it much harder to sound intelligent so nice job.