Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Promises Are Shit

But still I promise to tell a story about bikes by the time this week is over. Here's the potential bike-related story forecast.

Wednesday - Too rainy for a NEMBA sanctioned shop ride but I may still ride with IBC MTB guy Harry Precourt after work. I haven't been riding my bike alot (at all) so this is exciting.

Thursday - Ooh, this is big. I'm really going to Highland. If I don't literally die, the embarrassment I suffer will surely make for good blawg fodder. I'll be riding a Session 88, wearing baggies and a full face helmet. Kooky.

Friday - Commuting. Unless someone really pisses me off, shouldn't be much to talk about.

Saturday - Epic ride with retired blogger Whittingham and others, then bachelor party pub crawl. If I can remember any part of the latter I'll tell you all about it.

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philthy said...

huck something for me!