Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh Crap, This is Turning Into a Blog

At least this week it is, Usually it's more like Crazy Uncle Thom's Disjointed Story Hour (or three). I'll be back soon enough, just as soon as those ninety whatever kids have their frickin' bikes.

We dropped another thirty or so today, I've got a box truck with another forty plus sitting out front of my house (by the time you read this it will be long gone, so don't even think about coming over to steal them you ingrates).

I've been driving everyone at the shop nuts with my demented Santa's work shop routine. They'll be psyched when I finally clean up all the organ donor bikes which have been underfoot for the past week and things return to something like normal.

Oh yes, photos from Highbridge, they are from a wicked pro dude's site, so I'm not going to "borrow" them and post them (they are so good I may have to buy some though). They are about the best event photos I have seen. So accustomed to the "Hey it's me looking like a douche bag riding through the start/finish area in a field with my race number clearly visible so that it is very easy for the lazy photographer to later organize the images". Seriously, these shots are dope. They really capture the craziness of the terrain.

Question. How sleep deprived do you have to be before it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle? Can they test for that? Maybe it's more performance or results based. "Officer, there was no way I could avoid hitting him". "Sir, you hit an apartment building". "He cut me off".


solobreak said...

It's all sweet and honorable that you're hooking up the bikeless kids and all, but before they're all gone, would a beer-fueled adults on kids bikes dirt criterium down at the farm be out of the question?

trackrich said...

Hooking up bikeless kids with bikes kicks ass. Well done young man...

zencycle said...

Yeah, they can test to see if you're too sleepy - they'll give a field sobriety test.You may not be guilty of driving under the influence, but you can be found to be 'operating while impaired' or 'unsafe operation'. And seriously, there will be very little lenience if you hit someone/thing while sleeping.

On that note, kids on bikes - always good. Kudos.

the original big ring said...

Thom - could you e-mail me?

craig underscore barlow at sympatico dot ca

need a favour