Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fort Apache - The Upper West Side of Manhattan

This is astonishing, Magellan over here didn't actually know exactly where he was racing Sunday. MBR pointed out that Highbridge Park is not technically in The Bronx. When I told people where I was racing, they told me "Oh, that's way up in The Bronx, sounded good to me. There's a reason why the film wasn't called "Fort Apache - The Upper West Side of Manhattan". We were almost in The Bronx, and like the senile old saying goes "Almost is only close enough for counting if you're playing jazz with horeshoes and hand grenades".

And yes, I know that the above photo is of Snake Plissken (or Snake Plarssons as the case may be) which has nearly nothing to do with Fort Apache The Bronx. That may be some bad photoshopping for another day. If you know one thing, you know something.

Speaking of senile and old. I get very nervous when I'm riding along and I see a car peaking out of a side street, inching forward, the driver staring at me through their coke bottle glasses under a helmet of blue hair, grimacing at me (or maybe right past me) with a pained expression on their face. If the act of driving causes you that much physical pain, if you are actually exerting yourself while doing it, is high time to hang up your keys.

I was trying to take a photo of a crazy, ghetto as all hell sink arrangement in a restroom, what I got was this self-portrait, I am a total failure. I love the NYC bikes, all taped up and (have I already used the term "ghetto as all hell" in this photo caption?).
Wilfie & Nell's. Superfly playing at being a city bike,
I'd need a bike this light if I lived in an apartment building in New York.

I heard something on that British radio station, The BBCBGB or whatever, that the U.S. is in a recession. As a result, this Trog is going to be experiencing cut backs, unless I get laid off, and find myself with a surplus of free time, which is not going to happen. I will still try to put something up here every day, it may just not be as meanderingly yammery as you are used to. So sad for you.

I have no idea why I am suddenly five pounds over race weight

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