Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Talk a Lot of Wind

Wind, it's not good for anything. It serves no natural purpose whatsoever. This is a scientific fact. You can't dispute it, unless you look it up in a book or Google it, but who would want to do that? It's like looking up reasons why Hitler was really not such a bad guy after all. Wind = As bad as Hitler = Irrefutable scientific fact.

I didn't like it when I used to Skateboard, it messed up my kick flips, made me smack my shins, totally pissed me off. It was blasting a steady 20-25mph this morning, with sustained gusts up to 40mph. The gusts stopping me almost dead, that's no fun for anyone. Maybe if I took a sailboat to work I would like the wind. If I owned a sailboat it would be a good indicator that I had stopped working at the bike shop, gotten a "Real Job" where I made lots and lots of serious money, probably so much money that I could stop working permanently, sell my sailboat, and go buy more bikes and ride them in strange and scary places.

It's like that Jimmy Hendrix song; "and the wind cries...Fuck You!". I heard it, it really did, several times today. The wind is a dick.

Speaking of crappy, overplayed classic rock songs my Freehub was a-knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door today. Not a good sign. It's been skippy lately, then it started with knocking. If I don't entirely blow the thing tomorrow on the way to work and crack my sternum on my stem it will be a minor miracle. Better my sternum than my nuts, but in a situation like that you rarely get a choice.

I broke my camera a couple weeks back, quite a few weeks back actually. The wet weather during the Turkey Burner the rusty nail in it's water logged coffin. I'm happy if one of those things lasts a year, electronic devices and I don't get along. My posts feel naked without the photos. I should do something about that.

I did ride my mountain bike to work again. It's kind of addictive, I like having the freedom to go wherever I want, being able to play around, and not have to worry about dying on some pot hole.

Hang on, it's going to be a long winter.


Anonymous said...

The wind drys the trails out...

today: 3 dry hours in Dogtown
today: 2 Semi-dry hours in Lynn Woods

I'm tired.

Aren't tall buildings like trees? REALLY big trees? No, I guess not...they make the wind worse...

I like your Blog.

Adrian said...

Apparently you need a waterproof camera.

Raineman said...

Looks like Thom's been doubling as a secret anti-drug dealing spy up in NH. ...juat another step in his anti-doping efforts...