Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm Putting These Cyclists on My Psycho-List

I live right next to Route 16/ Mystic Valley Parkway, at least once or twice a week I see someone on a bike riding down the thing. It completely freaks me out. For those of you who know that road, you know it's a bad idea to ride on it (Unless you are an idiot). Every semi-urban area must have a road like this. It's high speed, winding, two lanes in either direction, but really only wide enough for a lane in each direction. If you get stuck behind an octogenarian it effectively becomes a one lane road. Every tree along the side of the road bears scars from being hit by cars or snow plow multiple times.

I am all for standing up for your rights as a Cyclist, I am personally guilty of holding my ground when I am legally entitled to at great risk to my well being, but riding on this road, while technically legal makes as much sense as a car driving down the sidewalk. It is not legal to ride your bike on route 2 or The Mass Turnpike but it would be safer to do that than to ride on Route 16 between Fresh Pond and 93. At least there's a breakdown lane on those roads.

A couple times I have actually pulled up along side people riding on 16 and told them "Hey, it is not a good idea to ride on this road" (in so many words). Do you think they said "Hey thanks buddy, I'll take that to heart"? No, they responded much like I would if someone offered me unsolicited advice while I was riding my bike. More F Bombs than a Scorsese movie.

One could argue that there is no other direct route between Fresh Pond and Medford Square.
Yes, and the most direct route from the 43rd floor of a skyscraper to the street is jumping out the window.

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