Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cyclo-cross - NBX GP of Cross #2, Warwick, USA (C2)

No, I didn't race. I am still temporarily retired from 'Cross. I will however be participating in the Single Speed race at The Ice Weasels next Saturday, which would be a perfect opportunity for you, or your Grandmother, or your three-legged dog to come out and beat my flabby ass like an Ondekoza Demon Drummer.

I did take some video of Adam Snyder and Michael Patrick hopping the full height regulation barriers. They were giving $10 Primes for the act, but only the two of them went for it, it was pretty spectacular.

Both these guys claim they're coming next Saturday so it should be a good show. The mini-barriers will be even more tempting for the hopping, hoping to see a few more people go for it on those.

It was a long day, a long day, so the epic tale (with really flattering photos) of the battle between Colin Reuter and John Bernhard is one for tomorrow, but it's good, so keep it locked like a hoop-d outside a 7-11.

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