Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I know it's Weird but...
I'm Living Vicariously Through Colin Rooter

After taking what has effectively amounted to a two months off from racing (not counting my high-paced tour of The Pisgah) spectating at The Verge NBX in Rhode Island was shear torture Sunday. I've had my break, I've de-tuned my body to the point that it doesn't even resemble the instrument it was in late September. It looks and sounds like one of Pete Townsend's early guitars post-smashing. Basically I was ready to jump back in the ring Sunday...mentally. Physically I would have faired as well as De La Hoya did against Pacquiao last Saturday night.

Fortunately I got to watch Colin killing it in the 2/3s which was almost as good as being out there myself, with significantly less drooling. He's got the long version of the story over on his blog, this is my jealousy-ridden recap.

The snow began to fall lightly as about seventy 2/3 men lined up near to the Icy waters of Greenwich bay for the final installment of The New England Verge Series.

Just a couple laps in Colin and CCB rider John "Baahn-Yaahd" (As Steve Pucci calls him) Bernhard had isolated themselves between the three leaders and a large chasing group of maybe ten guys. I've spent my fair share of time butting heads and locking antlers with John, he is one of my absolute favorite competitors. John, if you're reading - let's coordinate so we end up doing all the same mountain bike races this season OK? I'd like that, I'd like that a lot.

At one point the chase group being driven by Cambridge Bike/Embrocation's Jeremy Dunn began to close down the gap to Colin and John. Dunn's efforts shattered the group though, weakening the chase, Dunn would continue to close it down himself.

Here Colin, in serious racer mode ignores a Brownie Hand Up. It was no more than thirty degrees out there, John is wearing shorts. He is a tough sumbitch.

As Dunn was bearing down on the two riders Colin made his move, breaking away from Bernhard and actually closing down the gap to the leaders. James Patterson who would go on to win was surging but the other two leaders were falling apart faster than Ikea furniture. I yelled at Colin "You are LITERALLY going twice as fast as the leaders and you're drooling!". Due to his efforts and bad luck on the part of one of the guys in front he did overtake them, rolling across the line in 2nd place. I was impressed.

It's great when the guy you're rooting for does the awesome thing you want him to do and comes out on top. It's a good feeling, probably not as good as the feeling of actually doing the awesome thing yourself, but it's all I got right now.

Colin's bike, a Ridley X-Fire. As part of my vicarious Cross-Life I actually build and maintain Colin's bikes. Yes it's my job and as an Elite rider for IBC he gets free service. I also do his laundry and wash his car...when he lets me. He's really nice that way.

Post race Colin gives Linnea "Pro Tips".

"So ya, when the race starts ride up that thing over there REALLY FAST"
"That thing over there Colin?"
"Yes, now let's both point at the thing we are speaking of so that we are sure that we are both speaking of the same thing"

Linnea has also been killing it out there this season, busting into the top ten at UCI races on several occasions. She would be 9th on the day in Rhode Island. She'll be moving on next season, riding for October Bikes. She's getting a really good ride with them, she's earned it, she is an awesome rider, an excellent person, and a great ambassador of the sport.

(Shh, don't tell Colin but I'm really proud of him too)

Oh, did I mention that I'm Co-Promoting a Cyclocross Race called The Ice Weasels Cometh?
It's this Saturday, registration numbers are looking good and the weather is supposed to be awesome. Hope to see you there.


Colin R said...

Ouch, you got a report about watching me race up faster than I could actually write the report. I guess you've earned the right to horribly misspell my name.

Big Bikes said...

Go Root-Ah!

You think that's horrible?

If I came up with a celebrity couple Composite name for you and Linnea it would be "CoLinnea".

I would never publish that though because people might start actually calling you guys "CoLinnea" and then you'd both hate me forever.


Alex said...

Thom, did you change your blog to be pink solely to match your helmet when you post pictures of yourself? Or are you just expressing your favorite color?

MB said...


we should start a Colinnea fan club. they are pretty darn awesome. . .

Ryan said...

You guys just had to call it the Ice Weasels. Couldn't have called it the Warm Sunny Sloth race huh?