Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Ice Weasels Cometh (Really Soon)

I've been waking up in the middle of the night going "Oh Crap, I'm putting on a Cyclocross race!". One thing that was causing me anxiety was the fact that the mowing wasn't done and snow is imminent. I made it down to Wrentham today and got the mowing done and then some.
The course is coming together, it's got a nice flow with lots of good corners and some truly unique bits.

If you can ride faster than a John Deere ride on mower you'll be able to do the laps in under seven minutes. With the state of my fitness I may opt to ride the mower.

The Hoppable barriers had to get moved, the Dunderchee was the tool for the job. My Uncle Eliot saw me carting the boards over and commented "Wow, that is a BIG BIKE". That's right.

I put the hoppables roughly where they are going to go (haven't staked them yet) and practiced hopping them until it got dark. Now my arms hurt.

Go here to register:

Don't know if I've mentioned it but we've started doing a Saturday AM MTB ride out of the shop at 9:30. We'll be heading over to Cutler Park through Nahanton Park, it's gonna be sweet, you should come.

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Colin R said...

It's 2008, almost 2009, and you still expect me to cut and paste a link? What kind of crappy race can I expect from a guy too lazy to add a link to his blog? A crappy one, that's what! A pox on you, Mr Parsons!

I wrote more freaked out version of this blog entry on my blog today.