Monday, March 28, 2011

Barry Roubaix, The Killer Gravel Road Race

Got too much video to edit and words to write about the Barry Roubaix race to sit here babbling about myself today. Of everything that happened out in Michigan, probably the most exciting thing was getting to ride on the back of a follow moto for the first time. Eh, the fact that it was 17° out...could've maybe done without that, but it was awesome nonetheless. More on that tomorrow or later in the week, for now I've got some of my favorite videos from the weekend. Oh, and pardon the shakiness of the camera; it took six hours for my core temperature to come back up to normal.

What is this Barry Roubaix race? Super-cool promoter Rick Plite schools us. 

The race was won by a darkhorse: the incredibly-modest Erik Box of Ontario.

If you've ever wondered how to pronounce Tristan Schouten's name, watch this. Sounds more like "Scoutin'" than "Shoutin'."

And while we're on the subject of oft-mispronounced names: Brian Matter...not pronounced like it looks. It's Motter people. Like Welcome Back Kotter, but with Matter replacing Kotter. 

Watch more video of Barry-Roubaix: The Killer Gravel Road Race on

Mike Anderson is 22-years-old, he rides  outdoors year round in Michigan's upper peninsula, and he is really laid back for a dude as fast as he is. I think he's gonna go places.

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