Monday, September 27, 2010

Showing Up

Ya, I know there was some mention on Friday of a proper Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race Report getting written, well that's not gonna happen today. This has something to do with sickness, a wedding, the premiere of Dexter, and a whole lot to do with the fact that what I have written so far is boring and worthless. So that will have to wait for tomorrow...hopefully.

I was pretty excited to have my Olympus Not-So-Tough show up in the mail Friday along with the rest of the contents of my High Cascades 100 drop bag. I even took it down to the Mayor's Cup, the big money criterium that happened in down town Boston today. For some reason I'm getting error messages when I try to upload the photos from that, but that's OK, they'll look great adorning mt PMBSR report tomorrow.

I took a photo of Greg "The Leg" down at the crit, which I can't upload. Under that photo I would have written about how Greg did the Vermont 50 Sunday morning and then drove his crazy-ass down to Boston to jump in the crit. Ya, he lasted about two laps, but it was the effort that counts. Between reports from Doug Jenne and The Leg, I have a little bit if an idea of what went on up in Ascutney. Sounds like Jason Sager (who's got a wicked cool-looking web site) beat Adam "Da Spyder" Snyder on his way to setting a course record in something like 4:06. Insanity. Doug laid down a scorching-fast 4:42, but with all the fast dudes there, it was only good for 27th place. Most years a time like that would land you in the top five or ten. I hear the mysterious mountain man, Bryan Lyster won the single speed category in front of Will Crissman and Mike Ramponi. I have no idea how that all played out and I can't wait to hear about it.

I'm falling asleep with my watery eyes open. Let's try this again tomorrow.

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dougyfresh said...

$24 fucking dollars? Really?

It appears that Bryan was outted by one of Greg Martin's buddies.

Those two passed me around mile 30 like I was standing still (and I was riding quite fast). That was even with them starting five minutes behind me.

I couldn't believe the Leg was going to do that crit. Perseverance!