Thursday, September 02, 2010

Look! A Unicorn!

I have no real time to write today, so please allow me to re-direct your rapt attention to other Breck Epic related media.

For instance:

The above depicted Peter Keiller's account of defying the advice of a cycling industry icon.

Or the below depicted Doug Jenne's very thorough, extensive, and coherent reports from Breckenridge.

Or how about Montana Miller's thrilling tale of finding a beach towel one-thousand miles away from and 13,000 feet above the ocean.

And if that hasn't left paraplegic with delight and drooling in your desk chair, then check out Sarah Uhl's unique observations over on Singletrack.

Of course if you aren't as Breck-Epic-Centric as the rest of us, you can go listen to Dicky as he sort of talks about the Breck Epic while he talks about some other stuff, like becoming a Geared-O Weird-O.

If you like-ah the video, Cyclingdirt's got all sorts of fast Cannondale-dude Alex Grant's helmet cam vidz up all over the place.

Well, I'm outta time and there's still a lot more Breck Epic stuff out there. A good place to find it all is right on the Breck Epic Facebook page.

I'm still waiting for Mountain Bike to publish yesterday's post, yes, the peeing in my pants one. They titled my last post "White Knuckling Wheeler Pass." Perhaps they'll title that one "Yellow-Chamois-ing The Gold Dust Loop." I'm not going to hold my breath though. And I'm probably not going to hold my breath waiting for a call from Mountain Bike editor David L'Heureux telling me if I have a job doing a Dave Barry (if he rode a bike and was weirder) type column for Mountain Bike.

P.S. - Sweet! I just got a call from Washington state. A dude named Andrew has my errant camera and a bunch of other crap that I thought I lost permanently at the High Cascades 100. I am, as Adam "Da Spyder" Snyder says: STYCHED!


Fat Chance said...

Dr. Parsons,

In case you have a hankering for an underground race, I would like to cordially invite you to the bottle ride:

read more here:

If you are in the area let me know...would like to have the guy that partially inspired me to do this thing there....

dougyfresh said...

boo. that's the same weekend as the VT50. i would have loved to attend.

WV: mulently
hmmm. Mullet?