Monday, March 09, 2009

It's Such a Perfect Day

Sleep, that's what I need. Can't stay up thinking of crazy gibberish tonight. As much as I'd like to. We're basically going photo caption style, then I'm basically going to bed.

A bunch of us got out and did a big-ass-proper ride today. It was nigh on 60°, which felt downright hot relative to the utter crap weather we're used to by now. Before the ride, very aerodynamic (I'm just jealous because I'm a human wind sock on the bike) IBC racer Kim needed a little pick me up, so she grabbed a coffee. She offered it up to the rest of the crew with the sales pitch "Who wants some germs? Wait...let me get my sip first".

Matt was our designated ride leader. He knows the biggest and best routes. This because he eats Brevets for breakfast and rides across entire states for dinner. He eats Veggie Meat sandwiches and Kettle Chips for lunch. He showed us some stuff that was totally new to me and absolutely epic.

Hi, I have a big fat head! It's great for storing bad ideas and stupid things to say.

Going for a ride on beautiful day with a bunch of nice folks was pretty awesome but the whole "Perfect Day" thing refers more to the fact that we rolled straight back to Soundbites for brunch afterward where we ate until we felt weird and talked about bikes, bikes, bikes. I like people who aren't too cool for school and want to talk about what they love to do as much as they do the thing they love to do. Which means I should probably like myself more than I do because all I do is talk about what I do...with bikes.
It's hard to keep up the blistering blogging pace I have set lately. ZZZZ.

When it's over,
when it's over,
when it's over
When this is over,
I want sleep

-Big Black


solobreak said...

Wait, did you just use "epic" to describe a road ride?

Colin R said...