Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Human - Superfly

Editing video is time consuming...especially if you suck at it. I know someone who sucks pretty bad at it. I wouldn't say he's a close friend of mine but we do wear the same shoes. At the same time. Every day. And his shoes smell. Must be all the rain-riding. Or the not showering and wearing the same funky Adidas sandals for six years.

Before I let you go watch a TOTALLY SICK MOUNTAIN BIKE VIDEO that makes Danny Macaskill look like, well, Danny Macaskill and makes me look like...me, I'll tell you all the exciting news.

I am not doing my one token road race of the year, Battenkill. It conflicts with The Fells opening day festivities. Doing things like that is now actually part of my job description so in the interest of not sucking at what is a pretty freakin' cool job and in the interest of not doing a road race, I will be foregoing Battenkill and going for The Fells Opening Day Celebration. You know what's cooler than a Battenkill? A Macaskill. Seriously, go watch that video...after you watch mine. He makes me feel like I took a helmet cam video while pushing a shopping cart through Johnny Foodmaster's. And not on a Saturday either.

Now you can go watch!

Human Superfly from thom parsons on Vimeo.

This was footage taken during my Old School ride the other day. The Helmet Hero was offline for a while there. Relegated to be used a hand held digital camera. The thing is awesome, so much fun, the only drawback I've found is that the fastex style fastener which attaches the camera to the helmet mount becomes brittle in cold weather...and breaks. Twice. I'm sure if you don't try to reverse the position of the camera on your head during a sub-twenty degree road ride you'll be fine. Except for the fact that you are on a sub-twenty degree road ride which is inherently horrible, for at least two reasons. I've now replaced that bit and you all have hours of poorly edited video scored with my idea of good music to look forward to.

Duckies, you are really quite freakin' lucky!


CB2 said...

The Cramps! Cool.
RIP Lux.

Miriam K said...

that was fun. i wanted to see you ride over that last bridge...scary!