Friday, March 27, 2009


Man, I started out strong this week (at least I thought so) and then blew up like Contador on Stage 7 of Paris Nice. I must need better blogging dope. For Chrissakes, I couldn't even get yesterday's title right. "Now, if You Really Want to Geek Out About On The Single Speed 29er Thing...". Geek about on? Geek about out on? I mean, admittedly my editing is often just plain abhorrent. I have an incredible talent for seeing what I want to see. I transpose letters, fill in letters that aren't there, fill in words, fill in whole sentences, and even read things back to myself in a way that is much more clever than what appears on the page. I'm hilarious as read by me. To myself. And a talent like that is about as valuable as having a Latin to Esperanto Phrase book while traveling in Myanmar.

Boring things about me. I am on a rest week. I didn't ride my bike today. It felt weird not to ride my bike. I made my weight goal, which gets me almost to race weight. And you know I gotta make weight for the big bike race. I don't ride a trainer anymore, I ride an Aerodyne while wearing a suit made out of big, black trash bags.

I celebrated making this weight goal by eating a bunch of Dunkin Donuts, Girl Scout Cookies, and capping off a night out a the pub with late night pizza (Calzone actually, sausage), Mozzarella Sticks, and a crime against culinary decency called "Buffalo Bites". They were so slippery and skinless and slimy with Buffalo sauce that, despite the fact that they were the size of little baby fists, one could have swallowed them intact.
Try that with an actual baby fist, you'll choke. Unless maybe you cover it with slimy Buffalo sauce.

Beer is not your friend when you're trying to lose weight either. I must have had eight or so beers over the course of the night. That's a crazy amount of calories. We'd gone out to dinner, I was beyond full, and then I drank all those beers. When was the last time you ate dinner then sat around eating four or five donuts afterward? I only do that like a couple nights a week.

Light beer is not an option. If I have to explain why, you won't get it. I'd have better luck explaining whatever the hell my last blog post was about to my couch. That could take hours.

I kind of toyed with that whole "Drip Diet" thing. It did not work for me. I felt funny and not satisfied...ever. I'm back on what I think of as the "100 Miler" diet. I just eat several small meals throughout the day. I always feel energetic and I never get bogged down from a big meal. I might elaborate more on it later if anyone gives a crap.

This kind of ended up being a rest week blog-quality-wise a well. I definitely wasn't peaking for this week. Hopefully next week I'll be on better form. Weak, weak, weak.


gewilli said...

light beer really isn't that light... sort of like making traditional Alfredo sauce (butter, heavy cream and parm cheese) and substituting the heavy cream for half and half.

Sure it cuts the calories down a bit but not by much.

i guess i'm just supporting your dissing of it...


and yeah - i tried the drip thing, totally didn't work for me... could be the riding in and riding home metabolism boost, liquid just don't cut it.

Luke S said...

Yo Thom, thanks for the links to the NEMBA site the other day. I didn't end up at Harold Parker, Foxborough, or Dogtown, but I did find the Stow Town Forest, which is much more convenient for me, if much smaller than the other places.

zencycle said...

Well, shit on. If you already made on your race weight before the end of march on, I'd say your good on to go for a night out on the town on and eat shit....on.

(now reread that using the loquational style of william shatner)

the original big ring said...

yes please - more info on how you eat! I'm still 10lbs over riding weight . . . yes, it's late in the season to be that overweight. My two excuses: having a baby (if my wife can put on weight, why can't I?) and I'm telling everyone that "I put on muscle in my legs from using the PowerTap this winter." Yeah, both are bullshit excuses, but I'm a bullshit kind of guy.

Your celebratory binge sounds more like my everyday menu. I did give up peanut butter . . . I was going through it like a crack whore. I'm actually sleeping better at night because of it - not waking up at 3am to eat it.