Friday, March 13, 2009

Freaky Photo Friday

I'm in that spot again. Wanting to get to bed (I generally write these at night and post them in the AM, if you hadn't already noticed) and looking for ways to come up with something fast. Was it really faster to edit and upload all these photos than to finish the totally wicked awesome piece I was working on, which will now get bumped to Monday? I guess we'll never know.

What I did today was retrace our pedal strokes from Sunday's big ride. I got it about 85% right. Only completely blowing the final portion. Suppose I'll have to do it again. It was gorgeous out and the ride did wonders to quell my feelings of longing for those old Marin rides. Wonders but not miracles.

The Helmet Hero is great for unintentional self-portraits. Set on "Photo every three seconds" mode, it takes several shots of your (my) fat face while you're trying to turn it on or shut it off. The wide angle does make everything look cool. Like a Snowboard or Skate video. Everything's that much more sick in Fish-Eye.

Smell the glove. Operation of the shutter button required removal of my glove. Glove went in mouth.

Nagog Hill is a place I always end up gravitating toward. It is just so freakin' beautiful in such a New-Englandy way. When I've got 3+ hours to kill, there's no other place I'd rather go. On the road bike anyway.

This is outside Harvard. I was kicking myself for not getting a shot the other day (not that it came out that great) the group was going wicked haaad (hard) and I would have been dropped. I was consciously trying to mimic the self-profile shot from the top of Tam. Not too far off. Something looks entirely not right with my front wheel on the bottom left. Merely camera weirdness.

I believe this is called Stow Road. A real big ring cranker, if you do it in the right direction. 30MPH through winding corners for a few miles. A real highlight. Something Matt showed us Sunday. It is now on the A List.

OK, I'm really hanging up now. Be back Monday.

And remember,
if you drink, don't drive...
ride a bike.


Anonymous said...

oh how I do love stowe rd!

Alex said...

we do a lot of rollerskiing on stowe road. beautiful out there, you'd never guess its 30 miles from a major US city.

Anonymous said...

Thom, you are amazing. I am so proud of all you do. Where is Stowe Road?
Love, Mommy Mary