Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Precious Thing

You are my precious thing,
thing of speed and beauty
You are my precious thing,

as long as you remain beneath me

-Big Black

Today was a super-good day. A couple hours after I got to work Chris down in receiving came over to my bench and said "Hey dude, there's something you need to look at". I had a pretty good idea what was up, so I grabbed my camera and followed him to the back corner of the shop where a large frame box stood.

Last night I set up my profile over on the 29er Crew site but I had sort of a blogger's block, complete stage fright. Jason at The Shop didn't help assuage my fears "Three people read your blog (if I quit reading it there'd be two, but hey) and thousands of people read the 29er Crew blog. No reason to be nervous". When the frame showed up my first post content was a no brainer. And no brainers are where I do my best work.

I'm stoked that a bunch of East Coast kids made it onto The 29er Crew this year. We got Andrew Freye, Brad Perley, Ricky Visinski, and of course 29er Crew vet Michael Patrick. I was also happy to see NC guy Marshall Hance on the roster. He whupped my ass at SSWC07 in Aviemore, then we ate the best fish and chips I've ever had in my life. Ran into him again at The Swank 65. He whupped my ass, then we had a couple beers by the fire. I sill think I need to bottle some of that North Carolina water and smuggle it up north. There' something going on down there. Maybe the secret is in the Chic-Fil-A sandwiches.

I was so amped up about the bike I will henceforth refer to as "Precious Thing" I turned into a raging blog whore, posting here, there and everywhere.

Don't have much time for the babbling tonight, got to get downstairs and put the parts I need for The Superfly build on the Ferrous (called Dunderchee) so I can ride them to work tomorrow.

And now I will simply quote more song lyrics because I am personally at a loss for words.

Because you're gorgeous I'd do anything for you

Because you're gorgeous our love will see us through.

Because you're gorgeous I'd do anything for you
Because you're gorgeous our love will see us through

-Baby Bird

Hopefully I'll come back to my senses by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

4 people counting me. What 29er Fox model is that in black?

Big Bikes said...

Hi Number 4.
It's the same fork that comes on The stock Superfly, The F29 RLC, only in Black.


Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

Number 5 here...SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

That sucks that you get a black fork and us common folks are stuck with the gawd aweful white ones. You are offically back down to 4 followers!

Just kidding. Read you every day (what does that say about me??).

Wheels said...

I have a Superfly Swatter I'll be using to smack all you pests out there this season. I'm looking for a 90 minute ride where I can put out some sustained tempo wattage. No bikepaths or rotaries allowed! I'm starting on Concord Ave. halfway between Harvard and Fresh Pond.

Raineman said...

Maybe it's time to change your nom-de-plume to something Tolkein-essque after using "Precious" to refer to your revered rig.
How about Thollum?

doug said...

I am jealous of that frame and happy/excited to see you as part of the 29er crew.

Don't forget Jim Vreeland down in dirty jerz'

I rode with Marshall down in NC over the holidays. Super cool guy.

We gotta chat about me getting on one of these big bikes....

Mak said...

looks like a sweet ride..... alas only something I could ride if I was 50 kgs lighter for fear of it ending in peices! Enjoy it!